Leica An oldie and goodie -- the Luminous Landscape review about Leica M240


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If I am not mistaken, this article raised a small storm back when new. Mark Dubovoy dared to suggest that a Leica could match Nikon D800E!

M240 is such a good camera. It's kind of great that the model went underappreciated because that meant I could afford one then. ;)

Digital Nikon cameras have been the synonym for paramount image quality for a good decade. In particular my experiments with Nikon Df (which is around the same age as M240 give or take a year) do show how the better sensor results in a better shooting envelope.

But the difference isn't that huge in the end.

It is also reassuring to know that I enjoy the sensor benefits of Nikon Df and that I can get those benefits in Leica land as well, in the form of M10R (or SL/SL2 alternatively). My only limit--my wallet and my foolish notion of having things like "savings".


I promissed my wife not to buy the M10-R. I told her when buying the M240 too that this was the last one I'ld buy. Ever. Honoust.
- But I am scheming to sell my very good M240-P, and add the few thousand in cash needed. :doh:
No I am not thinking (well, I did, for 10 secs) about selling my Summicron 35mm first version, I gave it a CLA by Leica itself so it is in top shape, and I'm fond of it.

The M240 is very good. A must for those seeking high resolution. It really brings out the ultimate in details.

But. But. Because I have lots of old (Russian) glass, the new sensor probably serves me better with its less or no color cast for my strange but great or at least decent performing RED wide-angles (Russar 20, Heliar-15 . . ). Already, the M240 is better than the M9 in that respect.
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