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Oct 11, 2010
Northeastern Tuscany
Dear All,
the moment is approaching. Apparently some pics moved a person to a definite conclusion, and my trusty white E-PL1 is going to leave for kindler, gentler hands who made me the classic offer you can't refuse.

So my (tipically) slow reasoning is going to speed up a lot in the next weeks, or I'll be without a camera!

What next?
The easy way would be replacing the camera with an E-PL3, (and maybe the Lumix 20/1,7 - which is probably going too - with the Summilux 25/1,4). I could still go on playing with my Hexanons and C-mounts then.

But a tiny voice suggesting a V1 double kit does not cease in my head. Even found one at a great price (€725 fot the 10-30+30-110)...

And of course there are the voices from the dark side calling for serious serious compcats compacts, a GRDIV, an X10, and an X100 too! Alas, funds are not unlimited and I can't ask the moon for my old camera from a kind person, even if the camera is really nice.

At the moment, polls show
E-PL3 + 14/42IR + 25/1.4 at € 1100 : 60%
V1 + 10-30 + 30-110 + 10mm pancake at ~€950 : 40%

So if you like, please do suggest.


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
If it were me, and I was doing mostly stills and not as much video, I would lean towards the m4/3 option. I do think the 20/1.7 is still fantastic given the size profile... sharp lens and makes it a lot easier to tuck the camera into a jacket pocket than with the 25/1.4 mounted.
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Sep 12, 2011
Dublin ,Ireland
not too much known about the nikon yet, but oly has has a jump on nikon so therefore more lenses and choice.good luck with your decision!
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Oct 27, 2010
My instinct would be to go for the e-pl3 with the 14mm lens, but hold on tight with both hands, both feet and, if needs must, your teeth to the wonderful pan 20mm lens. Then buy the Ricoh GRD3 with what you have saved on the new lens. I think both these cameras will do great things in your hands.
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