Sigma And then there came a DP3 with a 75mm (equiv.) lens


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75mm is a odd FL. If it was 90 or 100 I could see portrait shooters thinking about it. Not to say 75 couldn't work, but I'm not sure that compromise would be an easy one to make, all things considered.


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90mm would have been my choice, but even so, it's going to be very, very hard to resist. i'm still totally amazed by my DP2M....


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I don't know why Sigma didn't use the 60mm lens that will be released for Sony nex and m43. That one is not a macro. Maybe they try to differentiate dp3 line from the others unlike Sigma 19mm and 30mm releases. Normally Sigma 50mm macro is one of the most used lenses in SD cameras and the macro lenses tend to be sharp lenses.

90mm would have been my choice, but even so, it's going to be very, very hard to resist. i'm still totally amazed by my DP2M....

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I've pretty much made the decison to by-pass this first round of Merrill cameras and am instead, sticking with my DP2.
Why? - Because I'm waiting for model to have an ƒ2.0 or faster lens....:)


Check out the eyelash detail blowup in the Luminous Landscape review of dp3m.. Needs a diffusion filter or some sort of softening for portrait work.


Holy... Now this was what I wanted to see. Most DP#m shots that I've seen are either architecture or landscape. I was curious how it did in portrait work... Now I know.

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How do you get a lens, that is too good for portraiture? "Back in the day", you smeared gel of some kind on the edges of your very best lens and it became a nice portrait lens. Today, it is easy to soften with filters or in PP. You are going to PP any portrait anyway, aren't you? Then the lens is good for any number of uses. I want the best lens I can afford.
My daughter is visiting from out of state, and has the Oly 45mm with her. I tried it briefly, and found it too soft for my liking. But I don't do portraiture very often. For that use, it would be a wonderful lens, in my opinion. And to back up my thoughts on the subject; she was going to give it to me, as she is traveling all the time and doesn't have time for portraiture. I told her, thank you, but just put it back, for the time, you will need it. I really like the lens, but it is not exactly what I want. Not critically sharp enough for my liking.
Would I buy the Sigma with 75mm? Sure. If I had that much extra money laying around.

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