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Treasure Mechanism Live Wallpaper


Rating: 3/5

Plenty metal gears rotate on your screen.
Direction of rotation depends on your device position.
You can choose color theme, rotation speed, camera position, accelerometer and touch reaction, color, size and quantity of flying above particles to customize your wallpaper.
Great 3d hd steampunk live wallpaper.

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SUI File Explorer PRO


Rating: 3.9/5

It's simple, small, fast and efficient File Explorer and one of the best File Manager applications in the Google Play Store.

Only the file manager to support RTL and show the size of the folders in all the stores. File Manager is designed for all Android devices including Phones, Phablets, Tablets and Android TV.

It's a fully developed project with Google material guidelines. It supports all versions of Android from Jellybean, Kitkat, Marshmallow to Nougat.

Key Features

★Full File Manager (File Explorer)

It is a Super File Manager that provides all file management features, including cut, copy, delete, rename, compress and extract. You can check the file details, complete integrated search within the file system. New file and New folders can be created in one second.

★ Smart Library File Explorer (File Manager) Categorize all files in Internet downloads, Bluetooth from nearby devices, Images, Photos, Photos from Cameras, Videos, Movies, Ppt etc), Files (zip, rar etc) and APK.
File Explorer Browse all files and folders of different types of storage such as EMMC, MMC cars, SD cards, internal storage, external storage, phone memory, USB storage, Flash Drive, Pen Drives, USB OTG.

★ Secure Super File Manager is 100% secure. It provides more security and prevents anyone from accessing your private files by setting a password.

★ Root File Manager (File Explorer) for advanced users to explore, edit, copy, paste, and delete files on the root partition of the phone storage for development purposes. Explore system root folders as data, cache. Your phone needs to be rooted to use this feature.

★ Application manager and Process Manager Free memory while killing tasks and speed up the phone instantly. Quickly and easily uninstall several unwanted applications and free up valuable phone storage space. App Manager helps you save your favorite applications in memory and install them again when needed.

★ Network File Manager Transfer files with FTP Server from phone to PC. All you have to do is open the IP address in the browser and all your files on the phone are easily accessible. You can also share files from your phone using bluetooth, direct wifi other social network applications etc. You can also browse FTP / FTPS connection now.

★Document Editor you can easily edit files anywhere. Support for all types of text files, such as HTML, XHTML, TXT etc.

Other Super Features

☆ One and only file manager to support RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc natively in app design

☆ The only application to display folder sizes in stores

☆ First file manager for Android TV!

☆ Smallest File Manager in the store with only 2,7 MB size!

☆ One of the rare file manager to support accessibility for people with disabilities

☆ Complete App is designed from scratch using material design principles

☆ Fully customizable theme colors for the application and theme types to choose. Dark theme is fully supported. Choose the color that suits you from a wide range of material colors

Our app is open source and here is the link to the source code for reference: 1hakr/AnExplorer


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Free Translator- itranslator & Language Translator


Rating: 0/5

Free Translator- itranslator & Language Translator

Free Translator is your indispensable translator, we provide voice, text and camera translation to enable you to communicate without barriers in all parts of the world;
Translator supports voice, text and camera translation in more than 100 languages. Use it every day for business, travel and education.

We have:

★ Voice, Text and Camera translation;

★ Translate between more than 100 languages;

★ The best voice recognition technology;

★ Detailed history;

★ Automatic language detection;

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Rating: 4.5/5

Rock your Photo with Unwell Textures and Tones

Grungetastic cranks your photos to 11 with seven hot and heavy looks: Classic Grunge, Bleached Grunge, Worn Pop, Worn Grunge, Gritty Grunge, Distressed and Pop Grunge. These seven fun and aggressive styles let you get down and dirty with your photos. Faster than you can say "filthy," these styles and Grungetastic's easy, hands-on interface will have you smushing delightfully unwell textures and tones with deeply satisfying contrasts, and explosively pleasurable pops for dangerously-addictive ultra-Grungy art.

Grungetastic is for the Photographer that loves everything grungy! Shadows, Rubbing, Scratching, Ripping, Shredding, Stressing, Distressing, Popping, Exploding, Splatters, Smudging, Glowing, Glaring, Smoking – just some of the wildness that Grungetastic hooks you up with.

SWIRLING AROUND THEM—the styles are creative madness—or clearer visions of reality, whatever it is, they go to an artistic place few ever get. You can't get a cooler, hotter photo anywhere!

Classic Grunge, Bleached, Pop Grunge, Pop Worn, Worn, Gritty and Distressed Grunge

Adjustable control over all aspect of the process: Color, multiple textures and borders

Seven grungy styles: Classic Grunge, Bleached, Pop Grunge, Pop Worn, Worn, Gritty and Distressed Grunge

"Randomize" button to quickly show off the power of the app

A full library of textures and borders

Quick, efficient, and very user-friendly interface

Support for full-size images

Presets with the ability to create custom presets

Preview mode for quick workflow (Larger image rendered on save or when emailed)

All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets, the ability to create Custom Presets and Quick Preview. Our mobile version can Email and post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

‘Like us on facebook’ for tips & tricks, quick announcements and interaction with the Jixi team! JixiPix.com


“JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece. The only requirement is art appreciation — we will take care of the rest!”

JixiPix.com “Creative Tools for Creative Types”
Photography | Artistic | Graphic Apps

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The Slimeking's Tower (No ads)


Rating: 4.1/5

The Slimeking's Tower is an action-roguelike game where you'll have to reach the upper floor of a tower where the grumpy king of the slimes is waiting for you to kick his sticky face and retrieve your people's moustaches back!

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure game that offers you incredible gameplay and a stellar soundtrack? Welcome to The Slimeking's Tower, an amazing, action packed game that allows you to explore a massive set of dungeons with one single goal, and that is to get rid of all slime that comes in your way.

The Slimeking's Tower allows you to acquire items as you eliminate slime, and these can be used in order to further improve your abilities.

There are many boss battles in the game, and in order to defeat these massive monsters you need to use all skills, abilities and items at your disposal. Exploring the dungeon depths has never been so much fun and filled with excitement!

Did I mention that the tower changes every time you play? Well, that's it, items, enemies, bosses and rooms may change the next time you go in!

Within The Slimeking Tower you can also find ranking capabilities, the ability to change camera view as well as plenty of other cool features.

Destroy urns, browse each portion of the level and eliminate the Slimeking, all while enjoying many gameplay opportunities. With The Slimeking's Tower you can find dozens of hours of complete, action packed fun, so don’t hesitate and press the Install button, then enjoy an amazing, never seen before adventure as you try to kill the slime king!

■ Explore a procedural generated tower that changes every time you play.
■ Collect over 300 items as you explore the tower that will change the way you play.
■ Unlock different characters with unique abilities and equipment.
■ Five different gamemodes to master.
■ Prove yourself by beating 20 deadly challenges.
■ Slay over 100 different enemies and bosses.
■ Pet system with buffs that helps the player.
■ Rankings for the different gamemodes and difficulty levels.
■ Play daily runs with a new crazy combination of items that changes every day.
■ Gamepad Support.

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N Launcher Pro - Nougat 7.0


Rating: 4.3/5

N Launcher is designed to be a Simple, Fast, Light Launcher, including native Android™ 7.0 Nougat launcher experience!
N Launcher also keeps latest Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow experience,and has many enhanced features.

Features for Android™ N:
Android 7.0 Nougat style Animation and Design.
Android 7.0 Nougat Style Drawer, Vertical style, A-Z fast scrollbar.
Android 7.0 Nougat Style for Widgets display.

Also, we added some new features inspired from Pixel Launcher. We will add more cool features.
Swipe up to access app drawer.
Android 7.1 style for app drawer.
Android 7.1 style for home indicators.

Features for Android™ Oreo 8.0:
Added Android 8.0 style folder.
Added Android 8.0 style search bar.
We will bring more features for Android O.

Features for Customization:
Support setting for desktop,icon layout,size and color of app name and so on.
Support setting for App drawer.
Support setting for Folder.
Support Hide Apps.

Features for Launcher Personalization:
Support Edit Icon function.
Support Icon Pack function.
Support Wallpaper and Widget function.

N Launcher is based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, support for Android 4.1+ devices.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

If you like N Launcher, please RATE us and share N Launcher to your friends,and also you can give us more suggests.


Note:The new version add the following permission to the gesture feature of controlling wifi and bluetooth.
(android.permission.BLUETOOTH, android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE)

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Purdue Tree Doctor


Rating: 0/5

The Purdue Tree Doctor app has been developed by experts at Purdue University to help people better identify and manage tree problems caused by a variety of factors, including insects and diseases. Landscape professionals, arborists, and garden center personnel can use this app to improve communication with their customers.
Information in this app is useful in the Midwestern and Eastern United States.

* Identify tree problems by matching damaged plant parts to over 1000 high-resolution photos.
* Check diagnoses with detailed descriptions of damage and stages of problem development linked to each photo.
* Get the latest unbiased recommendations from Purdue University experts on how to manage over 175 tree problems on over 60 kinds of trees.
* Search information by tree or by pest.

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Bills Reminder


Rating: 4.3/5

Track your bills and get daily reminder notification for your bill payments. Helps you to manage your recurring bills, store bill receipts, scan QR Code for product or websites, open web URL from bill details. Simple and easy to use bills reminder app and can be customizable as per your needs.

Dutch English Español français German हिंदी Polskie Português русский ไทย

Simple steps to stay on top of your bills:
1. Add a new bill reminder.
2. Specify recurring period, if it's a repeating bill.
3. Select when you want to be see reminder notification.
4. Save.
That's it, this app will take care from here and reminds you until you pay it. Plus it auto generates recurring bills in advance, so you never have to re enter the bill again.

* Simple & easy to use UI
* Daily reminder notification
* Control reminder notification time
* Multiple attachments, receipts photos
* Home screen widgets
* Categories and subcategories
* More than 160 currencies supported

* Clean tab and page layout
* Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year
* Filter & search bills
* Copy & delete multiple bills
* List bills by status [overdue, upcoming, paid, unpaid]
* Supports receivable & payable bills.
* Calender View
* Calculator support
* Daily data auto-backups, including captured bill photos.
* Backup entire app data, including photos.
* Google Drive integration to backup App data

* Recurring bills: Day, Week, Day of Month, Month, Year.
* Recurring settings management
* Configurable creation of Recurring Bills up till 10 years in advance.
* Reminder Notification: up until 3 months / 90 days before due date.
* Control the notification time.
* Update, delete, and recreation of recurring bills.
* Configurable default Reminder Notification & other settings.
* Professional build for both tablets and phones.
* Category wise Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports
* Custom date range selection
* Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year
* Bills trend chart
* Period wise comparison reports
* Generate PDF reports
* Change category for multiple bills at once
* Change reminder notification of multiple bills
* Restore data, including attachments & receipt photos
* Email support, to contact developer
* App security, with password PIN
* Multiple profile support

What is an profile?
A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.
For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: 'my off licence shop', 'my flower shop', 'all my personal expenses'.

What's next?
* Live cloud sync & multi device support.
* Web portal.

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Nail that Coin


Rating: 4.4/5

Nail that Coin (Brazilian "Preguinho") is a game that takes us back to that time in the 70's or 80's when we had very little, almost no technology and yet we were able to find fun. Anything we had lying around was enough to build something that would allow us to play with friends.

With an old wooden board, several nails and some sticks, we could create a "Preguinho" field. Add to that a coin and we had a soccer game to play with friends. Then it was a matter of setting up a championship table and inviting the neighborhood to play in the contest. It was a fun time, even before video games.

Nail that Coin aims to bring back that joy, it simulates that iconic game from the past and will grant hours of fun to the entire family and friends, in a very competitive game. It shows the young what we did back then to have fun!

There's no age limit in this nostalgic game, it's all about physics and ability.

Nail that Coin includes:
- Two player mode: allows two players to compete against each other in the same device
- Training mode: allows unlimited moves for a single player on the board
- Shootout mode: never end up in a draw again, if you enable Shootout, upon a draw Nail that Coin starts Shootout mode placing the coin in increasingly difficult positions for free shots
- Head to Head mode: the camera is automatically positioned for the player in front when it's his turn, without needing to rotate the device
- Responsive touch: gives a boost in agility and force propelling the coin in the field (selectable)
- Settings: Match Time and Player Initials
- Board style: old wood
- 80's coin texture (Brazilian 20 Cruzeiros)

** No network multiplayer support yet.

Like our page on Facebook and check out the latest news on Nail that Coin (Preguinho): Preguinho.
It Nail that Coin (Preguinho)'s page you can message us with questions, comments or suggestions, we'll answer as soon as possible.

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Tuflr - Made In India


Rating: 0/5

Tuflr - India's own micro blogging site.

Post, Repost, Reply to Post, Share or Like -

Tuflr is the social media app for you
Chat privately or go big and initiate a group conversation with anyone who follows you. Search hashtags and influencers, track your friends & other tuflr followers or follow your favorite celebrity tweets alongside hundreds of interesting Tuflr users, to read their content at a glance. Engage your social network with noteworthy links, photos and videos. Discover which of your post were liked or Repost.

Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo.

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Nimian Legends : BrightRidge


Rating: 4.3/5

Run, swim and fly through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown forests, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons. Shape change into powerful dragons, soaring eagles, quick-footed deer and more. Download BrightRidge today.
Minimum requirements are about a 4-core 2ghz CPU, and at least 2gb of RAM.

I am truly grateful to the Android community for helping my unknown game grow. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I am a solo indie developer working on BrightRidge and it is a game from my heart. I enjoyed creating this world and I hope you enjoy exploring it:)

Ready for adventure? The Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin are two magical adventures in Story Mode. Or choose Explore mode and experience BrightRidge without quests or enemies. Can you find the ancient whale that swims the oceans? Or the hidden ruins that dot the land?

Unlock the power to change into several species and explore BrightRidge from a new perspective. Soar through the sky as a golden eagle or a winged dragon. Run through the forests and a wily fox or dashing deer. Barge through the land as a towering Tree Ent and flutter peacefully among the flowers as a delicate butterfly (a fan favourite!).

Become a nature photographer and take and save beautiful pictures of this gorgeous and vast landscape. Will you photograph an elusive deer drinking by the river? Or perhaps capture a golden sunset amid ancient ruins? Need help hunting the animals down? Use your Spirit View to magically track animals, each with their own habitat and behavior.

Extensive options let you customize almost anything at anytime. Change time of day, turn on Watercolor mode and experience a living painting, add effects and filters and more. On newer devices you can turn up the detail for an even more beautiful and immersive experience.

Legend Spots dot the land waiting to be discovered. Each one tells a bit about the people, places and history of BrightRidge. Or visit the cozy halls of BrightRidge Inn, sit by the fireplace, dance with the guests, or listen to their stories.

It’s all here. Rainstorms, lightning and thunder, light breezes and gusting wind, and quiet snowfalls. Or use the options to change the weather on the fly.

There’s no rush. Feeling panic, anxiety or stress? Choose Explore Mode, breathe, and explore the wild rivers, valleys and waterfalls of BrightRidge at your own pace.

+ No Ads
+ No In-Game Purchases

Watch the trailer at

Follow @protopop on Twitter and Protopop on Facebook for news and updates

Note: If you experience blue shadows, goto Options > Settings > Resolution and chose Forward Rendering.

I'd like to thank everyone who took time to leave a review. Positive or negative each one helps me understand how the game works in the real world, and I appreciate it. For a solo dev like me hearing that people enjoy BrightRidge is very encouraging:)

Nimian Legends is an original fantasy world and the setting for BrightRidge. See the interactive map at Nimian Legends

A big thank you to Nullzone, Liam, Curtis, DK_1287 and Jack for helping me test and supporting BrightRidge. A project of this size is a challenge to create on my own, and your support and encouragement have helped me through difficult times.

NOTE: If you experience blue graphics issues, this can often be fixed in the game by choosing OPTIONS > PLAYGROUND > RESOLUTION > FORWARD RENDER. You can also change things like resolution, quality, and more in the Options screens.

If the game closes after the logo, this can usually be fixed by restarting your device.

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Talking Time Keeper


Rating: 4.2/5

Talking Time Keeper (TTK) is a Talking Alarm Clock, which uses real voices to tell you the time on a screen touch, at regular intervals, or on an alarm. And even lets you record your own voice, or someone elses, to save as a new voice to tell you the time!

It also boasts a state of the art, beautifully animated and accurate, on-screen representation of the time of day, wherever you are in the world. Watch the clouds go by, and the sun flares animate across the screen, and watch the sky get dark or light, to match the time of day outside.

Importantly, along with these unique and fun features, Talking Time Keeper is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one Android Time App. It contains all the functionality you could possibly need from a phone based clock. Here are some other examples...

Choose from a huge number of World Times, which also show accurately the time of day at their location.

View a map of the World which shows current daytime, nighttime, and twilight regions.

Navigate into the past and future months and years with the Calendar.

Record a loved one to tell you the time on a screen touch, or on an Alarm, Chime, or Countdown Timer.

Record your own alarms, countdown timers, and chimes. (Chimes can be used to e.g. announce the time every hour, between any start and end time you choose, without waking the phone or even opening the App if desired).

Choose from a huge variety of features, when an Alarm, Countdown, or Chime goes off, including the ability to play music (e.g. any mp3 on your phone), display messages and photos of your choice, and even run other Apps.

Use the built in Stopwatch with multiple Lap timing feature.

Use the 'Quick Add' feature to select commonly used alarm settings with just a few touches of the screen.

The PC version of Talking Time Keeper has been around for many years, and is very well reviewed by Download Site Editors and Users alike, with 5/5 ratings across the board, and over 500,000 downloads. Google it and see!

The brand new Android version is even better, in every aspect. All functionality is honed and developed for today's phone technology, and it's obvious now that Talking Time Keeper has found it's true home - on a phone.

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Rating: 3.1/5

NEW: Try ProShot Evaluator first to see which features your device supports

"The screen layouts are excellent. DSLRs could learn a thing or two from the design of ProShot"

"if you can name it, chances are ProShot has it"

• Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes, just like a DSLR*
• Manual, semi-manual, or automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, torch, and white balance*
• Shoot in JPEG, RAW or RAW JPEG* (RAW = .DNG file)
• Light Painting mode with infinite shutter and live preview. Watch as your photos develop right before your eyes!
• Shoot full resolution in 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1
• Custom Aspect Ratio Mode: shoot in any aspect ratio you want, 21:9, 17:10, 50:3, it's all possible!
• Burst, Timer, and Timelapse modes, all with full manual controls
• Zero-lag bracket exposure up to ±3, in 1/3 stop increments*
• Robust bracketing options, choose from exposure compensation, ISO, and shutter*
• Auto ISO option, turns Manual mode into Shutter Priority*
• Manual focus assist*
• Live histogram
• Front-facing camera with exposure control
• Zoom with just one finger
• Fully featured Camera Roll integrated into the viewfinder. View EXIF, support for video playback, media sharing, and delete
• Grid overlay
• Level with 3 different modes
• Adjust JPEG quality, Noise Reduction quality, photo location
• Shortcuts for GPS, screen brightness, camera shutter, and more
• Most innovative camera UI ever created

• Up to 4K (3840x2160)*
• 60fps, up to 175Mb/s*
• Manual or automatic control*
• Adjustable resolution, frame rate, and bitrate
• Industry-standard options for 180 degree rule
• Zoom and change any camera parameter, even during video recording
• Real-time audio input levels
• Timelapse video, with full manual control
• Video light

Leave the heavy DSLR at home, ProShot's got your back.

*not available on all hardware

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Forever Floating Notes Pro - Save and keep ideas


Rating: 4.2/5

Forever notes is simple yet powerful and awesome notepad app. Simplest notes taking app on playstore with most powerful features. You can float multiple notes on top of the screen, create widget, listen to your notes, convert notes to audio file, set reminder to notes, OCR for scanning text from images etc

Forever notes is easier than any other note app and has way more features than any other notes or memo app.
Store your notes on your google drive. And sync across all your android devices. Organize accounts with inbuilt calculator for easy calculations which are usually required while taking notes. Easy for splitting bills and keeping note of them. Inbuilt OCR(Text Scanner from images) reader makes easy to take notes by extracting text from images that you capture. Provides many features which are missing in any other notes application. It does more than just keeping notes. One of the best notes app on play store.

★ Float your notes - Create resizable floating notes on top of your screen. Copy text, change font size, share note instantly from there itself. Notes hover for indefinite duration.

★ OCR with notes (OCR reader notes) - Now extract text from the images in your gallery or take image from camera and save the extracted text as note instantly.(English only) Text Scanner.

★ Night mode for better viewing experience during night time.

★ Multi-language notes - App supports English, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Hindi languages

★ Sticky colornote - Create floating sticky notes quickly. With beautiful bright colors.

★ Transparent floating notes - Control transparency of floating notes.

★ Switch between Grid and List view.

★ Swipe on both sides to delete notes.

★ Resize floating note by dragging.

★Widget notes - View all your notes from widget itself and also create shortcut to create note on just one click.

★Backup notes - Sync your notes on google drive and have access across all your devices. Keep notes safe always.

★ Listen your notes(audio notes) - Let your application read out your written notes and listen them without having the need of reading them. Lets you read in Hindi, English or any other language audio (Only above lollipop).

★ Convert your text into audio file.

★ This can also be used to listen stories, novels or any material related to studies, Just paste in the text and listen to it.

★ Share text to audio converted file instantly over whatsapp, gmail and other media.

★Notes Calculator - Inbuilt calculator for doing calculations while typing notes.

★ Stick your note to notification bar.

★ Reminder notes- Set reminder to your notes.

★ Change pitch and rate of audio.

★ Search your notes quickly.

★ Check your note in hurry? Do long tap and get summary of the note. Peek notes instantly.

★ Color note - Random beautiful and pleasant colourful background for your notes.

★Protect/Secure Notes- PIN protect your notes to avoid unauthorised access of your notes.

★ Set different or same PIN on each note.

★ Provides double check security in case you forget the PIN of any note.

★ Forgot note feature.

★ Fingerprint lock support.

★ Copy texts from anywhere and pasted on a single click.

★ Share your notes from the application itself. Share notes via whataspp, Gmail, messages, sms, facebook, hike, hangouts, linkedin, skype etc.

★ Increase font size of your text.

★ Share your notes instantly with your friends and family.

★ Supports both tablet and mobile.

★ App has got almost all the required and best features of notes app.

★ Feature likes OCR, speaking notes(text to speech), passcode protection, floating notes, colourful notes, widget notes, hovernote, convert text to audio file etc makes this app as perfect notes taking app for you

Thanks to Mark Wei for his StandOut Library and Download free icons, music, stock photos, vectors for icons.

Tell us what we can do to make your experience better. If you have any feedback or questions leave us a review on Google Play Store or email us at: nks.jadon@gmail.com

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CCC Photobooth for Android TV


Rating: 0/5

Connect your camera wireless to your TV and transform it into a Photobooth.
* change countdown with left/right buttons
* change number of captures with up/down buttons
* start/stop capturing with center button

List of supported cameras:
Sony cameras that have the 'Smart Remote Control' app, like Alpha 6300.
Important: update 'Smart Remote Control' on your camera before using this.
To update open 'PlayMemories Camera Apps' and select 'Smart Remote Control' from the list of apps.

* Most DSLR cameras that support wifi, like D5300 or D7200
* Newer cameras from the Z Series, like Nikon Z6
* Snapbridge cameras with firmware update that unlocks the wifi menu on the camera, like D850 with Firmware 1.10
* Superzoom cameras, like Nikon P900

* DSLR cameras with wifi, like Canon 5D Mark IV
* DSLR cameras with wifi adapter, like 7D Mark II using W-E1
* M-Series, like Canon EOS M10

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Lagace Photo Effects


Rating: 0/5

Lagace Photo Effects has lots of ready to use presets with 5 Different modes like PIP
camera effect, color effect, bokeh effect, pixel effect, and shattering effect.

PIP camera - has many ready to use effects, just select the one you love.

Color effect - has lots of color filters where you can select the gradient base or design base filters.

Bokeh effect - enjoy our huge collection of bokeh presets with easy to edit effects.

Pixel effect - throw some pixels away with this cool effect.

Shattering effect - snap and turn your pic in ashes like mad titan do in war.

Download Now The Best Photo Effects App Today and Check all the Presets and
Stay Tune for Upcoming More Features!

Share Your Love and the App if your enjoying it!

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Just Money manager, Expense Budget Bills Receipts


Rating: 4.3/5

A simple & easy to use money manager app to tracking your expenses, bank accounts, transactions, cash balance, spending budget, store receipt photos and attachments, bills reminder & payments, recurring transactions / bills and many more.
With integrated Google Drive backup your data including receipt photos & attachments are regularly backed up onto the cloud storage. So you will never lose your data, receipts attached, even when you change your device.

Dutch English Español français German हिंदी Polskie Português русский ไทย

Download now to experience the personal assistant and book keeping software that support multiple profiles, meaning you can manage your individual, household and business cash flow with-in this single Apps and independent from each other.

[$] Paid App features:
* Transfer between different currency accounts, with exchange rate support
* Advanced budgets to support Day, Week, Month, Year
* Export & email transactions including receipt photos, for expense approval
* Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year
* Change category for multiple transactions
* Period wise comparison reports
* Generate PDF reports
* Reports filter
* Account balance charts and forecast
* Comparison charts
* Expense and income trends
* Custom date range selection
* Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year
* Restore data & receipts from backup
* App security: both PIN and Fingerprint based
* Change startup screen
* Unlimited profiles / accounts
* Built-in contact developer support

* Integrated Bills Reminder
- Bills search, list, reports & charts
- Daily reminder Notification for unpaid bills
- Recurring bills
- Link bill payment to a transactions
- Delete all related Recurring Transactions / bills in a single click
* Multiple profile support

[+] All features included in free version:
* Add expenses and income
* Accounts
* Budget planner
* Fund transfer between accounts
* Categories and subcategories
* Integrated exchange rate, with multiple currency transfers
* More than 160 currencies supported
* Auto completion entries
* Multiple attachments, receipts photos
* Transactions list, with running account balance
* Search, filter & sort data
* Transaction status (void, uncleared, cleared, reconciled)
* Barcode scanner integration
* Import transactions, CSV file
* Calender view & built-in calculator
* Daily scheduled auto backup of entire app data
* Backup entire app data, including receipts captured
* Google Drive integration to backup App data

What is an profile?
A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.
For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: 'my off licence shop', 'my flower shop', 'all my personal expenses'.

Permission Required:
- READ / WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: To store backup files, import / export transactions, save receipt photos on your phone files
- CAMERA: To take picture of your receipts / bills
- INTERNET: To check for new updates

What's Next?
* Labels / projects
* Split transactions
* Sync data between multiple devices & web access
* & more

Special thanks to:
- Emin Feyzov, Moscow (ГИС для коммунальных сетей города) for help us with Russian language translation.

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Paper Ocean Live Wallpaper


Rating: 4.6/5

Experience this beautiful HD Live Wallpaper with a "South Sea" setting.
Enjoy a light breeze on the open ocean or explore an island. Now with support for Android TV screensavers.

* analog clock
* 4 different themes (comic / paper / tilt-shift / oil-painting)
* 3 times of day (noon / after sunset / night )
* 2 camera modes
* custom HD graphics
* supports apps2sd
* animated water, clouds, shark …
* fully personalize your experience
* low power consumption
* openGL accelerated 3D Graphics
* Android TV screensaver support

If you enjoy the live-wallpaper, please rate it and leave a comment.

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Calculator Vault: Hide Photos & Videos + Applock


Rating: 4.2/5

Calculator Vault: Hide Photos & Videos + Applock by Augustro is a powerful security app that can disguise as a functional calculator, Hide photos & videos securely and can lock access to your private apps with fingerprint/pin/pattern. It has no advertisements.

Key Features:

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Parental Control App & Location Tracker - FamiSafe


Rating: 4.1/5

★Get the full PRO version of the app free for 3 months thanks to WONDERSHARE TECHNOLOGY and Android Giveaway of the Day!★ To get the version without restrictions enter coupon code: FAMISAFEGIVE01 You need to use the code before July 23, 2020, 4pm US TIME! ★How to Redeem the Code? Please load FamiSafe app ->Sign up or Log in -> Choose “Parent” Who uses this device -> Continue “Subscribe for Premium Features” -> Tick Quarterly (3-month) Plan to subscribe-> Continue to add a payment method (Redeem code) -> Tap Redeem code -> Enter the provided code Recommended by Macworld. FamiSafe is the Most Reliable Parental Control app with features like kids’ location tracking, screen time limiting, website filtering, game & porn blocking, suspicious photos detecting and suspicious text detecting on social media app like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Link family devices, keep your family safe. Kids are growing up in the digital age, we should help them cultivate healthy digital habits. FamiSafe Parental Control app makes it easier. ✓ Kids like to stay up all night for online chatting or gaming and easily getting poor eye vision. FamiSafe parental control app with screen time and activity report feature would help you. ✓ When kids secretly leave school and skip classes without permission or get brought to dangerous places, you could use FamiSafe parental control app with location tracker feature; ✓ Kids are easier exposed to gamble or porn site, or even post and share sexually explicit photos in social media apps. You would receive instant alerts from FamiSafe and keep your kids away from online danger. Safe Search NEW -block kid's browser's search results if there are inappropriate keywords detected Location Tracker & Geofences -Track your kids’ current location and ensure their safety; -View location history timeline to know children's past routine; -Create a safe zone for kids and get alerts when they break the planned zone. Phone activity Timeline -Remotely monitor phone activities; -View what apps kids install or uninstall; Screen Time Schedule -Monitor how much time kids spend online; -Remotely schedule daily or weekly app usage; App/Game blocker & Usage -Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps; -Send instant alert when children try to open blocked apps or games; Website Filter and Brower History -Filter websites to shield kids from porn, gamble or other threatening sites. -Check children’s browsing history Suspicious Photos Detection -Send instant warnings when detects dangerous pictures in kids’ phone albums; -View Explicit Images directly on parents’ device; Suspicious Text Detection -Detect risky keywords from search history, received or sent texts on social media app; -Setting keywords you concern about, such as Bullying, Sex, Violent or aggressive and Drugs. -Detect SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Kik and more. How to monitor screen time, block app/game/porn, filter websites, detect suspicious information with Parental Control App & Location Tracker - FamiSafe? 1. Install FamiSafe app on the device you want to supervise; 2. Register a FamiSafe account; 3. Start parental control! For full user guide reference: FamiSafe User Guide ---FAQs--- • Does FamiSafe family location tracker parental control app support Android 10? -Yes. • Does FamiSafe family screen time app blocker work on other platforms? -FamiSafe can protect iPhone, iPad and Kindle devices. • What languages do you support? -FamiSafe parenting is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. • Can parents monitor two or more devices on one account? -Yes. One account can manage up to 30 mobile devices or tablets. For more assistance, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT THE DEVELOPER Wondershare is a global leader in application software development with 6 offices around the globe and 1000+ talented employees. Our 15 leading products are used in over 150 countries worldwide and we have over 2 million active users every month. CONTACT US If you have any questions, please submit your feedback here: FamiSafe - The Most Reliable Parental Control App Try for FREE now! After your trial, you can continue to use FamiSafe Premium parental control app with a small monthly subscription.

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