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Legacy 3 - The Hidden Relic


Rating: 4.4/5

The adventure continues in Legacy 3. Challenge yourself with this 3d point and click adventure game. Enter a hidden temple to discovery a mystery that has taken place there. Solve the puzzles in order to advance - but beware, someone might be watching. Maybe you should have an escape ready?

Legacy 3 will test your intelligence and memory. Play slow, think, analyze, and the puzzles will be easier for you solve.

Play as an young archaeologist who sets out on an adventure to follow his mentor who's gone missing in an ancient pyramid filled with rooms and puzzles. In the pyramid you encounter puzzles and riddles that need to be solved to take you to the next room, and hopefully an escape. Connect the dots to solve the hidden secret that lies buried.

I am very proud to present this mystery filled puzzle game. Guessing the solution to a puzzle should not be an option, you need to think before you can advance to the next room.
A classical point-and-click adventure game with beautiful 3D-graphics and physics-based puzzles that create a new depth to the puzzle and escape room genre.

When encountering a new puzzle, think before clicking. This game will reward you for thinking creatively and I always strive towards making the puzzles seem logical.

The rooms in Legacy 3 are filled with items and clues that are there to help you on your quest. Interact with amazing touch controls to inspect your newly found keys and tools. If you see something that looks interesting you can use your camera and take a photo - of whatever you like! Trying to remember that instruction you saw ten rooms before? No problem - just use the camera and you don't have to!

Huge and natural looking locations designed with simplicity in mind creates a compelling and mysterious atmosphere. If Legacy 2 - The Ancient Curse was a dark game, this is the opposite. The rooms are big and brighter. But that does not make the puzzles easier. And there are still hidden objects that you need to find in order to solve the puzzles.

With an inbuilt hint-system you should be able to advance when you get stuck. Some puzzles are more difficult than others and this system should help you get to the next room.

I'm a solo indie game developer, if you like to give me feedback or need support do not hesitate to send me an e-mail!

The game is not compatible with the Amazon Fire. Send me an email if you bought the game and we can figure something out.

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Image Colorizer Pro - Colorize Old Family Photos


Rating: 0/5

For this Pro version, you can upload large images/photos with dimensions no more than 3000*3000. Purchase Image Colorizer Pro for a lifetime with only one payment, no additional payments will ever be required. Only $18.9

By using the Pro version, you can add effects to the colorized black and white photos. We provide more than 30 filters and effects for you to choose from. Add more color to your black and white photos now!

Please click the "Preview" button and add filters and effects to the colorized photos.

Image Colorizer is an AI-powered app that is capable of coloring the old and B&W photos. This is a fully automatic process. Our system will scan the whole photos and colorize them by using advanced algorithms and strategies.

*********Main Features*********
Support colorizing black and white photos automatically.
Support the batch process to improve your productivity.
Provide taskID and check the status.
No need to wait until the colorization process finished.

*********How to use Image Colorizer Pro*********
The process is quite simple.
#1 Select the photo or image you want to colorize
#2 Upload and you will get a task ID.
#3 Close the app and wait for a while
#4 Get back and check the task ID. Once it shows "success", you can preview or download the colorized photo/image.

*********Privacy Protect*********
All uploaded and colorized photos will be removed every 24 hours.

One time fee: $18.9 for lifetime without limitations.

*********Ai Image Enlarger*********
Want to enlarge your old family photos? Try our AI Image Enlarger, the No.1 image enlarger tool based on our AI technology!

Have questions? Please contact support@imagecolorizer.com or go to Image Colorizer | Picture Colorizer Online Tool | Free

PrivacyPolicy: Image Colorizer - Privacy Policy

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Antares CM13 / 12 Theme


Rating: 4.6/5

If your phone bootloops, it's not a theme problem! Apply stock theme before updating your rom!
This theme is exclusively compatible with latest Cyanogenmod 12 and Cyanogenmod 13 based roms!
If you don't know what a theme is, please use Google!

The theme contains:
- Wallpapers
- Handcrafted icon pack! (still wip)
- Slim Ubuntu Font
- Hexagonal bootanimation
- Hexagonal icons
- Lockscreen
- SystemUI
- Framework
- Semi trasparent interface!
- Animated icons!
- Audio recorder
- Equalizer
- Music player
- Camera
- Widgets
- Settings
- CM updater
- CM file manager
- CM easter egg
- Google keyboard
- Google launcher
- Google hangout
- Google now
- AOSP keyboard
- Much more..

The price is little! I need it for petrol ._.

If you buy this theme, feel free to add me on Hangout and ask me tips or features for this theme! Thank you! Updates are not guaranteed in this period, because of my exams (i'm an engineering student) but i'll try to keep this theme up to date!

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Endless Universe


Rating: 4.6/5

Endless Universe / Endless Possibilities / Endless Live Wallpaper

Endless Universe Live Wallpaper has procedurally generated worlds using library of galaxies, nebulas, planets and other objects in space. To travel you will use spaceship with Warp Travel feature to open tunnels to new unknown worlds.

You will never see the same place again! Each space will be different! You can see earth-like solar systems or wild edges of cold or very hot long-forgotten worlds. This Space Live Wallpaper don't have the end so will never be boring.

The Universe is all of time and space and its contents. It includes planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. The observable universe is about 91 billion light-years in diameter. The size of the entire Universe is unknown but for us it is Endless.

You have full control over spaceship. Change flight directions by touching your screen or by using gyroscope. That will help you avoid crashes with asteroids in dangerous worlds. Each hit will boost your speed. By pinch in/out you can set camera distance from spaceship or you can completely turn him off.

You can build your own Space Live Wallpaper! Select best objects or define them in categories.
Many options allow you to custom Endless Universe to your needs.


+ Endless Worlds
Universe is huge. Each scene will be different.

+ Hi-Res Space Objects
Beautiful animated planets, galaxies, nebulas and more…

+ Warp Tunnels
Change world by Warp icon or set timer.

+ Own Spaceship
Set favorite color.

+ Full Fly Control
Change directions by screen touch or gyroscope.

+ Many Settings
Custom this app for your needs.

+ & more + updates

+ Well Optimized
Works smooth on older devices.

+ Low Battery Drain
Phone is still cold after long play.

+ No Ads & No Purchase in App

This app is a any part of No Man's Sky video game? No is not! We do not cooperate with No Man's Sky authors. Endless Universe is a individual project where also like in No Man's Sky you can travel thru universe but finally each of this project have different approach. We also waiting for No Man's Sky where also you can land on the planets. If you love this game like we do, this android Live Wallpapers is for You.


Here we will add all updates of our Live Wallpaper

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Which Face Is Real?


Rating: 0/5

Сan you distinguish a real photo from one generated by a neural network? This app will show. AI-generated images of people are very similar with photos of real people.
Can you beat the neural network?
The process of finding a real photo is very interesting and exciting. Over time, you will learn to distinguish real people photos from AI-generated. Thus, you will postpone the revolt of the machines, because they will not be able to deceive you :)

Images are taken from Which Face is Real?. Many thanks to the developers of this site.

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IGPD - Photo, Video, DP Downloader for Instagram


Rating: 4.8/5

Want to download HD photos or videos from Instagram and IGTV?
Looking for an app that can easily download or repost Instagram images and videos without logging in ?

This IGPD (Instagram Premium Downloader) App is definitely what you want!

Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram and Repost Instagram app (also known as IGPD (Instagram Premium Downloader)) can help you save Instagram photos and videos in simple steps. It is super fast

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QR code scanner Pro - Barcode scanner 2020


Rating: 3.2/5

QR Code & Barcode Scanner 2020 will help you scan any barcode, QR code to get more detailed information about the product, including the results of popular online services such as Amazon, eBay and Google ...

In addition to QR Code & Barcode Scanner 2020 also allows you to create barcodes, easily create QR codes, with categories: product code, image, text, URL, website, contact, phone, calendar, email, message, Wi-Fi.

Quickly and efficiently read product barcodes in two ways:

Scan barcode directly from the camera.

Indirect barcode scanning: scan barcodes from images available in the device’s library.

Allows you to create barcodes, easily create QR codes with full information about the categories: product code, image, text, URL, website, contact, phone, calendar, email, message, WI-FI.

You can store barcodes, QR codes of your favorite products in a separate folder. Favorites folder on the menu page.

You can search, reuse links, barcodes, QR codes that have been read and successfully created on the Storage History tab.

You can easily perform operations, such as deleting, copying or exchanging saved or favorite QR codes for friends through websites, social networking sites ...


✅ Generating QR codes.
✅ Thorough Scanning QR Code.
✅ Your favorite QR codes.
✅ Product search by QR code.
✅ Scans the image of the QR.
✅ Easy generating.
✅ Easy to scan.

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JPEG Optimizer PRO with PDF support


Rating: 4.6/5

Can not send images because of the size limit of the mail attachment? Do not have space to store photos on the SD card?
JPEG Optimizer is the best solution for you.
This app will allow you to compress large photos into smaller sized photos with very less or negligible loss in quality.
More, unique ISO Noise Optimization algorithm allows you to reduce image file size with quality enhancement.

Some features of JPEG Optimizer:
1. Compress, Resize photos
2. Compress or Resize multiple photos at once
3. Allows you to tune quality of compressed image
4. Unique ISO Noise Optimization algorithm
5. Share and save images as separated JPEGs
6. Share and save images as JPEGs packed in ZIP archive
7. Share and save images as JPEGs packed in PDF

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Gallery - Photo Gallery, Video Player 2020


Rating: 3.8/5

Launch the Android app, instantly view thousands of your photos and videos.
Photo Gallery can easily hide and encrypt your photos and videos so that your privacy is fully protected. This is the perfect gallery and photo album for you, launch the Android app, instantly view thousands of your photos and videos.
This is the perfect gallery and photo album for you.
All the benefits of your phone or tablet are used in the photo gallery and album

Which will easily show all your multimedia files - these are photos, animations and videos.
Gallery is a great feature-rich application for organizing your photos. Password protect your photos. Smart gallery and album, gallery format, photo album album, photo gallery gallery collection with this Android gallery.

- Large photo gallery, quick photo, photo album app for your mobile images. Gallery is the default gallery, the gallery application is used to hide the beautiful photo gallery

- Gallery Pro use the dedicated gallery app. Gallery of flowers. Photo gallery, hot videos, photo store, movie collections. Gallery with the highest rated gallery photo galleries apps.

- Gallery is a smart gallery, gallery format, gallery collection with this Android app, multimedia gallery, Google Play gallery. The order of the gallery items is based on your selection.

- A collection of galleries for a quick user interface for moving camera roll photos, camera folders, and camera sorting.

- Gallery download the free gallery replacement app The Galaxy app for the built-in app for your phone’s gallery.

- Gallery Video Viewer clean gallery. Upload photos and enjoy
Gallery of videos and images.

- Share photos on social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Photo Gallery customizable photo storage, thumbnail size / color photo images.

- An application to create a photo album for your mobile phone. Gallery download free application is a beautiful hot collection of smartphone gallery. Manage camera snapshots of photo albums. Gallery photo photo app.

- Cleaning the camera’s photo gallery, photo gallery of the photo gallery. pixel gallery photo album raw photo organization photographic film.

- Android gallery for photo manager (image storage) photo synchronization and photo organizer application gallery device service folder album camera folder gallery

- Photo albums and a camera organize all the photos of the library. Save photos, a multimedia folder for photos and an application for storing images for images.

Install the free Gallery 2020 app and
Take full advantage of your phone or tablet with this wonderful gallery.
Which will easily show all your multimedia files - these are photos, animations and videos.

Key Features:
Fast loading. Without advertising. Ultralight (less than 6 MB).
A great way to organize (without automatic sorting).
Sort by creation date, date added, name, user wish (drag and drop).
No background processes (saves battery. No extraneous downloads).
Hide / exclude personal folders.
Lock hidden photos.
List of folders, photos, videos with one touch.
Tag and search for photos or videos.
Moving files between folders is easy.
Move the folder to the SD card with one click.
Quick scan of all existing folders (media scan).
Display EXIF information.
The color palette.
Rename folders and photos.
Crop, rotate photo.
Change the theme.

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Paint By Numbers Creator Pro


Rating: 0/5

Paint by numbers is the best art drawing game to draw modern masterpieces based on numbers. You just need to follow the numbers to color beautiful paintings for free. Coloring has never been so easy, everyone can become an outstanding artist.

The advantage of the Pro version is no restrictions for the number of colors > 32.

We suggest the app that lets you convert a photo to a paint-by-number pattern. Paint By Number Creator – this is paint by numbers software for adults and for kids. Make your own color by number pages and worksheets!
You can either paint by numbers inside the app or print or share a paint-by-number patterns and color tables.

Simplified paint-by-number pattern creation process.
1. Open any image file or acquire picture from the camera.
2. The app will convert your picture to the paint-by-number outline pattern and optimize the paint palette.
3. Enjoy the coloring and painting directly on your device inside the app.
4. Print your pattern (color by number printable). You can print it together with the color key.
5. Enjoy the coloring and painting with paper copies of your artworks!

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Giant Moon AR


Rating: 0/5

Shows your camera, with a giant moon projected onto the sky.

Moon is shown as though it were 408km above the Earth the same height as the International Space Station orbits at (In reality the moon orbits at around 384,400km away).

Moon repeatedly flys overhead- a moonrise & moonset every few seconds. You move the phone camera to see & follow it.

Moon goes behind clouds, when against a blue sky, for authenticity (can be disabled for when there's total cloud cover).

Take photos and share.

Only works during the day (at night you have the real moon!). Works best outside.

This app uses Google's ARCore to do augmented reality. This technology is currently only available on Google Pixel, Pixel 2 (+XL versions), Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 & Note 8, LG V30, V30+, and OnePlus 5.

If you don't already have the latest ARCore app installed, you will be prompted to install / update it from the Play Store when you first open Giant Moon.

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Rapid Launcher XP


Rating: 3.7/5

Rapid Launcher XP is lightweight and powerful launcher for Android.

Windows UI
easy to operate
Dual desktop screen.
low battery usage.
custom taskbar themes (blue xp, green, dark, transparent... )

Launcher XP is a very lightweight launcher that lets you keep all your apps organized in an elegant and smooth way, while offering many other features as well. By default, the main screen of your desktop will show your most-used apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Settings, Camera, Google Chrome, etc.

Launcher is the name given to the part of the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen (e.g. the phone's desktop), launch mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices (devices that use the Android mobile operating system).

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Sky Light Pro


Rating: 0/5

To help plan outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, and photography, this app shows the current locations of the sun and moon in the sky. A time slider allows you to animate the sun and moon to see where they will be at any hour of the day.

The app also allows you to compute the positions of the sun and moon and their rise and set times for any location and for any date, as well as the nautical twilight times and the moon's illumination. If you know the RA and Dec of stars or planets, you can also enter these to find where they currently are in the sky.

In addition, you can also choose to generate a forecast table of the sun or moon rise/set times and illumination for a given range of dates.

A compass page is also included to help orient your phone to find the current position of the moon. (The compass page requires that your phone has a magnetic field sensor).

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Check In Event Manager


Rating: 0/5

Have a small social gathering? or simple checking attendance for classes / events / party? Our app is perfect for these occasion and more. Check In Event Manager is a quick and easy app that would allow you to create events, add guests and check-in the guests in a jiffy with multiple devices scanning abilities and email invitation.

Unlock it once with a one time fee payment and it's yours for life! One of the only apps in the App Store for event managing with no limitations or monthly commitment. Unlimited scanning, unlimited events, unlimited guests, unlimited devices!

- Collaborative Scanning - Works with BOTH iOS and Android!
- - Share events and work collaboratively with other users to check in/out simultaneously.
- - Multiple users checking in at the event entrance
- - Accessible Offline (Multiple Device scanning requires internet connectivity)

- Guest Management
- - Add Guests or attendees Manually or import from Excel/CSV
- - Manually check in guest
- - Check in / out guest by scanning their barcode/ QR code/ ID card
- - Search / edit guests or events on the go
- - Support for guest check out time as well
- - Export Guest Attendance easily (With attendance, rsvp, no-show/ absent, check in and check out time)
- - Walk-in registration
- - Quick overview of event attendees number

- Invitation Management
- - Email individual guests their check-in information easily or everyone at once
- - Email guests with option to skip over guests you've already emailed before
- - Email with your contact details and additional instructions for easy guest check in process
- - Guest will receive an .ics file to add to their calendar as well as a Add to Wallet option for iOS users.
- - Copy Guests from previous events and add them into new ones (for repeating events)

- Scanning options
- - Scan from both front and back camera
- - Alert for already checked-in guest

Supports the following bar code / QR
- QR
- Barcode
- Code39
- Code128
- Code93
- Ean8
- Ean13
- Aztez
- PDF417
- DataMatrix
- Interleaved2of5
- and more!

Check In Event Manager is simply easy to use and hassle free with one time commitment and no recurring fee. Limitations might apply to non-premium version.

We hope you enjoy using our app!
If you have any suggestions / comments / complaints, please contact us at
contact@2iins.com and we will attempt to help you as soon as possible.

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Analog Sky - Palette Sky- Film Filters


Rating: 4.6/5

★ Everyone can BE CREATIVE with Analog Film Sky! You can make your photos feel like Sky.
Add remarkable MULTICOLORED artworks, palette color, stunning FONTS, amazing FILTERS, gorgeous OVERLAYS and much more to your photos.

★ Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor is the first major camera in the Analog camera series. Analog Film Sky is filled with palette pink color and sweet candy feeling. Palette Pink and sapphire bluecolor is permeated with the romantic emotional appeal. Film grain and some pink warm color gives you the feeling of Sky!

★ Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos is a best free photo editor. It contains professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & art filters, overlay, frames, blur focusand video high-quality real-time filters

It’s simple
1) Snap your pictures with real-time filters or select picture from camera roll
2) Add our awesome sticker to your pics
3) Add text to photos for personalized
4) Save & share

PS: We guarantee you’ll be smiling after the first photos you create!

Analog Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos FEATURES

Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos provides 400+ stunning stickers overlays like emoji face, artworks, doodles and change its palette color.

Add text to photos to personalize with 100+ fonts to choose. Add text to photos function is really easy and can fully customized background and text color.

✦ 40+ Sky FILTERS
Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos has many Real-time Photo Filters for Perfect effect. Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos provide many filter types, 360,Momo, Beauty, LOMO. Enhance your pictures and make them outstanding by adding palette filters to your photos to create different moods.

Applying photo filters or Add text to photos is not enough. Personalize your photos with advanced photo editing tools like brightness, contrast...

An Overlay Tool that can be used to create neat lighting effects like lens flare, bokeh, vintage but also to furnish pictures with textures like crumpled paper

✦ Adjustment section
Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos has advanced photo editing features like brightness, contrast, clarity... that help tweak and fine-tune images to create stunning creatives tomake your pregnancy milestones pic looks more beautiful

You can decorate your image with frames. These frames are free, romantic, lovely

Add text to photos, Hand drawn, your name on pics.

Add blur effect to your photos with Analog Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos to make your pictures looks professional

With Analog Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos, you can save and set edited photo as wallpapers or background

Share your precious Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos with friends and family in seconds via social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

【Pencil Emoji】

Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos make a beautiful photo with many cute stickers and filters.

Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos app is very easy to use

Take your photos with Analog Film Sky - Photo Editor - Add Text To Photos, edit your photo with a new stylish collection.

Analog Film Sky to edit your photos like a professional.

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Hallows Eve


Rating: 4/5

Create spooky scenes with a library of haunted Halloween things

With a heaping library of haunted things, Hallows Eve conjures creepy scenes.
A graveyard makes for a scary sight, Ghosts and ghouls will give a fright,
Jack o’ lanterns flicker with doom, Bats and fog pack scenes with gloom,
A full moon dropped in the sky above, Will bring you close to the one you love,
Before Halloween sweets are no more, Celebrate with Hallows Eve at the Play Store.

Happy Halloween!


In the spirit of Halloween JixiPix presents a fun way to create spooktacular creepy scenes with your photo.

With the Hallows Eve photo app, you can easily create spooky Halloween scenes by dropping in scary-fun mix and match objects like skulls, jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, tombstones, glowing eyes, ghoulish hands and more.

Start by selecting an eerie scene from the included presets or hit the randomize button for unlimited frightful toning effects. These thrilling dark effects combined with haunted Halloween objects are sure to send shivers down your spine leaving you screaming … for more. When you’re done conjuring your ghostly scenes, share your Halloween spirit with your friends on Instagram and Facebook. You can even add a HAPPY HAUNTING from the library of objects then send your spooky creations as an e-card. If you love Halloween as much as the folks at JixiPix, it will be a sweet addition to your bag of FX tricks!


Spooky photo toning along with the ability to move, rotate and scale a library of mix and match Halloween objects.


• Misty cloud backgrounds for eerie atmosphere

• Hauntingly cool photo toning
• The ability to scale, rotate and move Halloween Objects

• A Darken Scene effect

• An Object Blending effect

• The ability to SAVE PRESET and with their objects for future use

• A RANDOMIZE button for unlimited frightful toning
• Tools to move objects from Front to Back

• HiRes Output
• Email directly from Mobile devices


All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets, the ability to create Custom Presets and Quick Preview.

‘Like us on facebook’ for tips & tricks, quick announcements and interaction with the Jixi team!

“JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece. The only requirement is art appreciation—we will take care of the rest!”

JixiPix.com “Creative Tools for Creative Types”

Photography | Artistic | Graphic Apps

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Manual FX Camera - DSLR HD Camera Professional 4K


Rating: 3.6/5

Unlimited photo creativity. Manual FX Camera is the creative "world" for digital artists of all skill levels. You get more high-quality photo filters and photo effects than in any similar photography software. SHOOTING MODES - Photo - Night Mode - Burst Mode - Slow Shutter - Portrait Mode - requires a dual-lens camera system - 3D Photos - requires a dual-lens camera system - Video - Time Lapse Manual FX Camera is designed to do one thing and one thing exceptionally well — to help you take truly amazing photos with manual camera controls. These precise controls are always within reach and completely free of useless clutter. By keeping irrelevant interface elements out of your way, Manual FX Camera creates a straightforward user experience for getting the most out of your phone's incredible camera. ✬ Manual FX Camera gives you DSLR-like controls with an intuitive interface. ✬ Create photos with different effects and another pro HD camera pro features ✬ 4K video recording on a supported device, turn your phone into 4k camera ✬ Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style. ♠️ FEATURES ♠️ - Lock exposure, focus, white balance - Face detection / facial recognition - Manual FX Camera focus like DSLR camera - DSLR camera feature to choose manual ISO - Realtime Photo Filter - Choose to and 4k video quality and resolution. - Remote control timer - Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photos and videos - Location targeting feature - Remove with multi-touch gesture and single-touch control. - RAW Photo Capture - Realtime histogram - Focus Peaking - Easily change video formats - 4k, 60p, 24p, slo-mo on supported devices - Ultrawide and telephoto lens support - Audio level meter - Photos and videos filters

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Shortcut Manager - Pin shortcuts @ home screen


Rating: 4.7/5

Shortcut Manager app to create shortcuts of apps, activities and other shortcuts for android. Its App icon maker / app icon changer app that places icon for apps on your home screen. Customize app icon and shortcuts.

Shortcut manager creates app shortcuts with icons from icon packs, from gallery photos, you can create shortcuts of apps activities, there are many apps contains hidden activities, for them you can create icon to access it quickly.

You can create shortcuts with personalized icon for contact, direct dial, sms and other shortcuts available in android OS.

☆ How to remove watermark:
On Android 8.0 and above, the android system automatically add a watermark to the shortcut icon. we do not have control on this.

◇ Create shortcuts of apps, activities & android shortcuts.
◇ Customize app icon and shortcuts.
◇ Quickly access android settings such as Bluetooth, wifi, location and many more.
◇ App browser with complete app details.
◇ Change app icon using gallery photos, icon packs.
◇ Clean and easy UI.

App need following permissions to complete the task, please allow this permission for the app when you first time open the app.

☆ Modify system settings: permission needed in case you are creating shortcuts of activities those modifies system settings
☆ Read Contact: permission require if you create shortcuts of contact
☆ Phone: Permission require if you use direct dial shortcut
☆ SMS: Permission require if you use SMS shortcuts.
☆ same way many permission needs to be given based on the shortcut you creates.

✔ Not all activities are executable. so may be you get error for activities those require special permissions/
✔ Some android shortcuts may give error as access to them are restricted for selected apps only.

Please try app and let us know, what more we can do to improve the app and to make app more useful to all users.
If you like the app, please leave your review and rating on playstore.

Thank you.

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MinHub Groups


Rating: 0/5

MinHub Groups is the database solution for small groups to automate administrative tasks in pastoral ministry, creating more time to care for your people.

Collect essential information about your members including contact information and photos. Set up small groups where your small group leaders can take attendance at their events, record ministry moments when meaningful conversations or decisions happen, and access contact information to care for those in their groups.

Take attendance at every ministry gathering, even large church gatherings (not just at small group events) and view stats over time to see how your attendance is trending over a chosen time period.

Small group leaders can create smart groups that automatically sort their members based on collected data and use these groups to generate reports or contact sub-groups easily.

• Capture member info including photos.
• Create events & track attendance.
• Monitor stats trends over time.
• Record ministry moments with members to close the loop and get information about what is happening in your small groups back to your pastor.
• Record notes about events to collect feedback from your key leaders and volunteers.
• Allow small group leaders to log in and manage their groups and care for those in their group.
• Track practically anything with checklists in groups.
• Send individual texts to members with personalized messages or group texts utilizing your own phone number.

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MinHub Kids


Rating: 0/5

MinHub Kids is the database solution for children’s pastors to automate administrative tasks, creating more time to care for your kids.

Collect essential information about your families including contact information for parents, special needs, allergies, schools, and grades for kid and photos, address, and emergency contact info for each family.

Allow families to check in their kids and print name tags and claim tags at check-in kiosks so that ministry leaders in rooms can see who is checking in and heading their way.

Take attendance at every ministry gathering with separate tracking for each room and each service. View quick stats including gender breakdown and staff to student ratios for each service.

Create smart groups that automatically sort kids and parents based on collected data and use these groups to generate reports or contact groups of parents easily.

Empower all staff & volunteers with the ability to record ministry moments and track meaningful decisions and conversations with kids in your ministry.

• Capture family info including separate data and photos for each person.
• Create events & track attendance.
• Monitor stats trends over time and quick stats for each event.
• Record ministry moments with kids for future reference.
• Track connections between staff and kids.
• Create smart and managed groups by leveraging attendance data and information about your families.
• Track practically anything with checklists in groups.
• Send individual texts to parents with personalized messages or group texts utilizing your own phone number.
• Send announcements and messages through Portal to keep parents informed.

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