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Last Message Plus


Rating: 4.2/5

Last Message's extended version to whom want more than 9 endings and need to know more.

Can something be so scary to let someone mad just by hear about?
All begins when someone sends you a message from one of your friend's cellphone calling for help to escape from a situation so complicated as obscure. Choose the option that looks more appropriate and face the consequences, guiding a complete stranger through tunnels, passing by creatures capables of inspire madness in the eyes of the observer. Your choices doesn't change just the story, but who you are inside it. Find the exit or lost yourself in the progress.

- In comparison with the original Last Message, in this game we have 14 more achievements and 10 unique ends. Much of the game's art was re-made, new photos and audios (headphones highly recommended)!

This game can be short, but it has a lot of H. P. Lovecraft references and:
* 18 different ends (+1 secret end), in paths that cross each others.
* 45 achievements that can be unlocked in-game.
* Weird messages, photos, texts, codes... This game looks like it is hiding something secret, mysterious... Can you solve the enigma?

====MORE GAMES====

Free Version (no ads): Last Message

Last Message 2 (Only in portuguese until now)

====MORE INFO====

There is a reference guide explaining the names and references in the game (only in portuguese):

Guide to the achievements and endings (in portuguese only):
Guia de medalhas e finais: UMPlus Guia

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Text Over Image PRO : Write Text On Photos, No Ads


Rating: 3.3/5

Text Over Image PRO allows you to easily write text on any photo, you can import image directly from your device camera, gallery, Google Drive, File manager or from any other supported source. You can crop image and do some basic translation before import.


• New Multi Colour Feature
• Insert Unlimited Texts, Images, Icons
• 100+ Text Styles
• Unlimited Custom Colors & Gradients
• Rotate, Resize, Flip Any Text, Image or Icon
• Save Image as PNG
• Directly Share Your Design On Different Platforms
• Change Opacity (Transparency) of Text, Image or Icon
• Add Shadow Under Text or Icon
• Change Background Radius to Create Rounded Shapes
• Advanced Gradient Manager With Automatic Gradient Builder
• Different Scale Modes For Image
• Change Text Size & Color
• Add Image, Color & Gradient as Text & Icon Background

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Pholorize : Colorize Your Old Black & White Photos


Rating: 3.5/5

Get the taste of recent photo memories with Pholorize App! Take your Black & White photographs and start coloring. Happy moments guaranteed!

1. Snap a gallery or upload right from Camera
2. A bit of Magic Colorization or you can adjust the color as you wish with interactive colorization feature.
3. Save & share in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more!

Make your vintage photos colorful moments again ! Pholorize colorize your old black and white photos with its powerful AI technology. Photo colorization is a hard case to work on but Pholorize can easily turn your old black and white photos into normal photos.

Colorize Images is an automatic Machine Learning based service to colorize black and white, grayscale or nightvision photos .

Turn your black & white photo into a colorful one. The black-and-white photographs are automatically converted into color photographs.

Colorize your old black & white photos and have fun unleashing true colours of famous historic images with top-notch neural networks processing technology.

Guided Colorization enables you to choose where to color in photograph and which color you wish. It is the best colorization feature in the market.

Revolutionary. Unbelievable. Yours.


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First Words - UK English (baby/toddler flashcards)


Rating: 0/5

First Words - UK English will help your baby or toddler learn new words using interactive flash cards with a bold and simple art style, fun sounds, clear speech and large text.

⭐Ranked Best Language app in the article 'Best apps for toddlers 2021' on the Mother&Baby website (UK's No.1 Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler Magazine): "If you're looking for an app to help your tot with their speech, or just to teach them different words, then this app is a must to download!"

⭐Designed with a UK Primary School Teacher aimed at babies and toddlers (18 months - 4 years). This app will teach your children more than 400 first words using UK English spelling and spoken with a British accent.

⭐Improve your baby/toddler's pronunciation as they repeat the spoken words.

⭐Help teach your children new words with dozens of common objects and baby/toddler friendly themes.

• Made in Britain
• Designed for babies and toddlers
• Ideal for nursery/playgroup/preschool
• British words, UK English spelling
• British voice narration (two genders)
• High quality photos or simple cartoons

⭐Boost vocabulary baby/toddler can learn over 400 simple first words in English. 750 pictures: Simple cartoons for babies, swap to photos for toddlers. Kids will love being able to hear the words spoken with a choice of either a male or female voice. Your baby/toddler is sure to have fun with over 140 sounds and 5 silly sound effects.

⭐Your baby/toddler will not only learn how to say the words but how to read them too with large, clear text.

⭐First Words - UK English features 12 fun flash card categories for kids with common words including: animals

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True Colors: Coloring & Learning for Kids


Rating: 0/5

Color and have fun! Learn how to color pictures as a creative activity after school or kindergarden. After doing their homework your kids deserve to have some fun.

Parents, if you are searching for educational games for kids, "True Colors" is the right choice for you. Color the pictures so your little painter kid or toddler can learn and develop all senses and the creative part of the brain.
The game might serve as a test for your kids to test their coloring abilities. Who knows? Maybe your kid might not be good at math but might be a little artist with a talent to be discovered.

Your kids will explore while coloring amazing pictures.
It doesn't matter how old your kid or toddler is, the game is appropriate for a toddler, a preschooler or a school kid. Parents love this coloring game too. Who wouldn't love such a fun game which enables you to be creative and make art in your devices.

True Colors is created thinking of you kids. The game features:

1. Almost 100 amazing pictures to paint for your kids
2. One album with pictures of animals to learn more about their world
3. One album with vehicles to have more fun
4. One album with fruits to make them more colorful
5. One album with robots and one with kids and toddlers so to have fun while being creative as you learn
6. Undo and redo buttons to help you with your piece of art
7. An option to delete the coloring and start again using new colors to stimulate imagination and develop your creative part of the brain
8. Camera view for more precision with the details of the picture
9. Zoom in and zoom out of the picture as needed
10. 28 different colors
11. Coloring is easy & fun
12. The game can be played offline (without internet connection). Play everywhere and anytime. No wifi needed!
13. Lots of endless fun!

The game will be soon updated with more amazing pictures for your kids to color.

Who does the game aim?

- Every toddler who likes to play and learn with different colors and be ready for kindergarden
- Every preschooler who wants to learn more than what he can learn at kindergarden
- Every kid that after school wants to learn and have fun
- Everyone who wants to have fun and develop their brain no matter how old they are

Why download True Colors?

• For all you kids who like to color, this game contains a lot of amazing pictures you will like
• Parents will be happy to see your joyful faces while you play and learn
• The game contains many beautiful colors from which to choose from
• The game is safe for kids
• Parents have fun playing too
• The game is safe, there are no in- app purchases, no inappropriate ads and there are no dangers for kids
• This game can encourage your creativity and help you discover the little artist that hides within you
• True Colors is relaxing no matter your age, so it is also a nice game for adults to relax, not only for school kids and preschoolers.
- Learn you too!

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Launcher 7


Rating: 2.8/5

First Windows 7 UI Based Launcher on Play Store.


Windows 7 UI
Wireless Manager for Quick Turn on/off wifi, bluetooth.
Fast & Clean Interface
Custom wallpaper can be set
Start button like 7

*** Important ***
No widget support

tags: seven, windows, windows 7, windows 7 theme, seven ui, windows ui.

home screen, launcher, android launcher, tools, screen utility.

Launcher 7 is a very lightweight launcher that lets you keep all your apps organized in an elegant and smooth way, while offering many other features as well. By default, the main screen of your desktop will show your most-used apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Settings, Camera, Google Chrome, etc.

Launcher is the name given to the part of the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen (e.g. the phone's desktop), launch mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices (devices that use the Android mobile operating system).

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Rating: 3.3/5

MusicforMoods is a tool to restore balance and handle stress better. The specially composed music guides your breathing and helps you obtain optimal heart rate variability. As the rings grow in size, you’re achieving a more relaxed state. The app let’s you track your progress, day by day, week by week. Just 5-10 minutes a day can give you stress relief and restore your balance. Developed by music artists and researchers.
Dont forget to give tha app access to the camera.
User Agreement:
On some new units this is a Betaversion.

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