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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
I've finally caved in and bought myself a tablet, and now I'm playing around with using it as part of my workflow.

So far the method is:
  • Shoot a lot of raw + 5mp JPEGs on my RX100m2.
  • Import everything on the tablet via OTG cable (the Wifi of the RX100m2 can't transfer raws to a tablet only to a computer :dash2:).
  • Use QuickPic to cull the JPEGs.
  • Use Snapseed / Google Photos to adjust selected JPEGs.
  • Upload to Flickr.
  • Link Flickr pics here and on Facebook to taste.

It actually works quite well I think. I ended up using 5mp JPEGs as the Android apps I've used only seem to want to save that size anyway, and 5mp is plenty for Flickr / Facebook.
The OTG cable lets me do a full backup of the SD card while away from home, and since I'm only working on the JPEGs I have a full set of RAW files to play with or discard later on.

So far I've tried 3 image editors, Snapseed, Athentech Perfectly Clear for Android and Google's Photos.
Perfectly Clear is just too slow on my tablet, I wouldn't want to use that on a regular basis and if I really need to so something special I'd rather run the RAW through Lightroom.
Snapseed and Photos both seem to work fine, I think I prefer Photos.

Anyone else using a tablet in their workflow? And if so, which apps do you use?
I am a devoted android user, but simply have no desire to edit on my tablet when I can do it on my laptop.

The only time I would consider editing on a tablet is if my laptop was dead or I was taking a long trip and did not bring the laptop. I did briefly mess around with Snapseed, and it seems functional.

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