Angle Viewfinders

Now here's an interesting concept. Angle viewfinders for those cameras which don't have articulating or vari-angle LCD screens.

Angle Viewfinders at Flibpac

Any comments?

Yes I've seen them before and some people do rate them. I like the fact they also double up as a good screen protector and hide the screen when closed. Just checked out the UK price and it is quite a bit cheaper than I expected at £17.35. I might give one a go in the new year. Thanks Sue!


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I'm not at all sure about it. I miss my variangle screen on the G11, but not enough to go buy a G12. Might wait and see what canon does next. I havent felt inclined to switch to a Nikon P7xxx for the articulating screen...

The reversed mirror image doesnt faze me, the mirror actually does. It will only be useful at certain angles, so opening out wide is out of the question... after all, its simply reflecting whats in the LCD from what I can gather... but what *is* nice is that it can flip more than just one way. I suppose its magnetised or something. Anyway, I'm not getting one just yet... need to think on it some more.
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