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betwixt and between
Mr. Brady


E-PL1 f/5.6 20mm @ 1/30th ISO 200
The dog's and background colors blend so well, a coincidence?
Yes, absolutely - that house has been there much longer than Brady has, though he is one in a fairly long line of German Shorthaired Pointers who've lived there.

Mayank, your golden grasslands with the Blackbucks is simply gorgeous! What a superb view that emphasizes the space. I love the layers of grasses with that ribbon of sky. Thank you!
Another somewhat domesticated animal


Leica X1 f/8@ 1/80 ISO 800

This fellow is about 13 years old. He was living in and around our fields when we lived in West Virginia and could often be seen via binoculars way up high on a neighbor's farm sitting and watching some deer graze. Knowing this fellow he was probably sizing them up for a potential meal.
Andrew, I mean to write right after I first looked at his photo - it made me laugh with recognition! Anyone that has a dog, or has had one, and has walked them knows that sometimes it can all be about the dog and his or her agenda. I'm not sure if this is what you were getting at in this shot but this dog (yours?) surely seems to be on a mission. Nice use of the blur here - and the black and white was a great choice, too.
BB, Part of my dog walks series, which is sometimes the only time I get to take pictures. Ricoh GRD (2 or 3) in hand. Not great for sharp imagery, but that's the way it goes. I like this one, and indeed she's sometimes anxious to be out of the house, though these days she's slowing down. Sometimes more dog sniffing than dog walking.