Animals "Animals"

Chasing a roadrunner around a friend's front yard this afternoon with the X10, not my first choice for birding, but it's what I had on me. I couldn't get really close, but close enough for some reasonable snaps. I do love the saucy little things.

We call them Nutria in the states. Only one I ever saw was in Eugene Oregon. I think they're pretty adorable, so I'm sorry to hear they are shot as pests, though I'm not sure that's worse than being offed for their fur, which is, apparently, why they were introduced to this part of the world..

Thanks Dave

It must be a Coypu, (a Beaver Rat) - to be polite - reading up of the animal and can see why they need to be controlled, (i.e. shot)
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The peaceful valley. Great shot. Everyone looks curious, neither terrified nor predatory/hungry.

"Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we were put in this world to rise above." (Rose to Charlie in "The African Queen")
Thanks Dave, it was one of those lucky moments!
(Inji is actually a female and lives together with her grandson Kutai at the Oregon zoo)