Anna's right eye

I had lunch with my friend Anna today, and because she is an Olympus nutter, took the XZ along to show her. I shot the following just from across the table, on almost full zoom. No post processing has been done except some colour adjustment, but even that was minimal.

I'm just so impressed with the clarity of the shot. A small amount of sharpening could be useful. I am just blown away by the XZ, and am glad I didn't cave in to getting an X-10, and I think Anna may even get one, herself, she loved it.

DAMNATION! Its her left eye.
Anna's LEFT eye

Thanks Penny. I keep thinking "oh gee maybe I should have waited and got the X-10" but I am not convinced that I would do any better.. and the x-10 is bigger all round, I think. I've just done a quick sharpen (PS5 - sharpen x2) and really, Anna's eye looks even better (IMO of course)

Just adore this camera, can't wait til after Xmas when I can also get the VF-3 to go with it.