Another C1 vs LR observation

Adobe sent an email with a free trial to return to using their products. So I thought I would see where Lr currently is compared to C1. With us figuring out how to do sharpening in Lr for Fuji files correctly some time ago. Both editors are capable of good results. This time I noticed something I had not given attention to in previous comparisons. How each editor interprets the as shot white balance. On the same file I got a white balance in C1 of Kelvin 3230; Tint 0.3. In Lr it was Temp 3400; Tint +11.

The next thing I noticed is that C1 seems to be darker around the subject using it's lens profile for the 23mm F2. While Lr still only has generic profiles for the x100 and some older Fuji lenses. Below I will post an image ran through both with only sharpening applied. Everything else is sooc with the differences being how the file is handled by the software.




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It’s definitely interesting that the output files are much different under the same settings.

I’ve read that most agree that C1 is much better for Fuji files overall. I’m guessing that’s why you made the move originally?
@ggweci yes, that is spot on. And now, after whatever deal Fuji worked out with C1. C1 now has lens profiles for most, if not all of the Fuji lenses. Which makes the file handling that much better.

I too find it interesting that different software interprets the file information so differently. Different white balance on import was a big surprise.

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