Fuji Another Vermont Motocamping trip


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Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
As I've done before, I went with friends by motorcycle up to VT for the weekend to go camping in the middle of nowhere. I didn't get any great pictures this time, for a variety of reasons... should've brought a real tripod, spent all day in the saddle instead of shooting, moon was bright so it blocked star light pretty early in the evenings, etc etc. But I got a few that people might like to see. The humble X100 continues to be a quiet, unobtrusive, trusty travel partner.

My perennial motocamping cohort, Chris.

Our friend Ian's bike, lit mostly by firelight and for one quick 1/2 second flash of my headlamp. Exposure was about 20 seconds I think, and I had to use a tiny 3" tripod which was NOT very steady with that floppy, heavy X100 on it. I did what I could to pull some shots in.

Soup and beer, hand-held shot. Loved the headlamp flare...

A rest break on a picnic table, during a day of 9 hours of riding.

SOOC jpg showing off the Fuji's fantastic IQ (if I do say so myself).

Exposure was around 1/15, I think? I told him to hold still and it worked out.

Shooting star.

And finally, that drowsy last half hour before hitting the sack. Cheers, all.

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