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I just watched 2 half hr episodes of Ansel Adams at All Arts and found more online:

"Art does not reproduce the visible. Rather, it makes visible. The artist can give many interpretations as possible as he is able to perceive. They all depend on his point of view."

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The Way We Take Photos Has Changed, But What Ansel Adams Brought To The Craft Hasn't
Ansel Adams' "Clearing Winter Storm," taken in Yosemite National Park around 1937. (Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Ansel Adams' photograph of "The Tetons and Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming," taken in 1942. (Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Visualizing the image:

Ansel Adams BBC Master Photographers (1983)



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If you compare the Yosemite photo vs Tetons photo above, there is a big difference in the contrast. In the videos, he was measuring the lightest and darkest areas of the composition area with lightmeter and made calculations to run the film exposure longer/shorter to change the dynamic range differences in the photos. He was mentioning touch ups in one of the portrait shot review as unethical... But he was doing the different processing/printing methods to change his prints, eg Moonrise, Hernandez image - an early print (left - exposure matches to the calculated time of the shot eg before sunset) versus a later print (right-looks like night) :

The Story Behind Ansel Adams' Iconic 'Moonrise, Hernandez'


Also changes by print year: November 1: Dated


The Tetons and Snake River photo is probably my favorite of his that I have seen. It had a lot of selective dodging and burning, reality probably didn't look much like it. But it's a lovely photograph.
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