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Not sure why you would not have access to startup programs with MS Security Essentials unless you don't have admin access or you have the AV to not allow anything to run.


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As with Grant and Andy, I moved to Mac a few years ago to avoid the virus issue (amongst other things like Registry crashes). It's not nirvana, but being virus-free is a huge upside.


AVG free on my desk top which is win7 64bit; but on my laptop I have to run Bullguard because AVG stops the desktop Icons working! that is also win7 64bit.
I had another older laptop which had been converted to win 7 had trouble with AVG on that after the conversion.
Got fed-up and got the new laptop had the same problem; thus the Bullguard software.
Weird or what!


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Zone alarm here..... on my new laptop and the wife Netbook.... I use her netbook that often now, whilst we're out and about, that I've got one of my own winging its way towards me as I write....
I'm running MS Security Essentials on all three of my computers, but Avira free would be my next choice.

I have this on one machine and I must say it is excellent.

I have BitDefender on another and will not be renewing the licence when it expires. While there is nothing in particular wrong with how it works, it has a tendancy to give a false report of "invalid licence" every now and again on boot up and I need to reboot my computer to get AV protection running. I will most likely replace it with MS Security Essentials.

On the third machine Kaspersky Internet Secuirty which is fine and was a lot cheaper than Nortons. When the licence expires it too will most likely be replaced with MS Security Essentials.

I have used Nortons for many years and while I find it good value for money as a new install, the licence renewal costs are too high.

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