Sony Any difference between Sony RX1R made in Japan & or Taiwan


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Sep 13, 2014

Anyone know if there's any difference between a RX1R made in Japan & Taiwan or other countries? any difference in build quality, parts? is the lens still from the Zeiss factory compared to other sony Zeiss lens made in Asian Countries?
Just curious after speaking to a sony rep hinting parts could be different depending on where camera is made which I didn't totally understand. maybe there's no difference



May 7, 2011
Sony Zeiss lenses are designed and manufactured by Sony both in Japan and Taiwan. Zeiss means they have tighter quality specs and got Zeiss T coating also... Otherwise I don't know the relationship btw the companies eg some are new designs eg RX1/Sony FE 35mm/55mm and some are adopted older Zeiss designs, eg Sony A 85mm f2.8.

Normally it should not matter where it was produced, eg my Sony RX100 lens does not extract after 2 years and it was made in Japan... Similar thing happened with Ricoh R6 which was made in Japan also, mostly P&S issue...

Also Zeiss lenses are mostly manufactured in Japan by Cosina. The switch was done at Contax times...

More from FM forum:
"the Zeiss brand label is a result from a quality assurance process that meets Zeiss standards. A great part of that QA process has it's origins in the use of Zeiss patents, Zeiss build machines for molding, grinding, coating etc. Glass comes for the greatest from suppliers. The (dutch based) Schott is one of their main suppliers for optical glass. Where machninery is placed, how business deals are made, is less important for the product quality than those factors: material quality, machinery and quality assurance process. That is what a co-creator company like Sony buys from Zeiss. This is also true for Cosina who uses Zeiss machinery etc. for the production of lenses they produce under the Zeiss label, and as another example: Nokia who makes smartphone lenses with Zeiss designs, materials, machinery and QA processes."
The question was "FE 55mm f1.8? who designed, manufactured and where this made? Sony or Zeiss?"
eosfun wrote:
Design: Zeiss
Glass elements: Schott glass
Manufacturing: CNC machinery: Zeiss, Coating machinery: Zeiss, Coating chemicals: Zeiss, High Vacuum machinery: Zeiss, MTF real time measurement machinery: Zeiss, Optical cements: Zeiss, training quality assurance personnel: Zeiss Barrels: Sony Circuits and electronics: Sony, Aperture: Sony Assembly employees: Sony, Quality assurance standards: Zeiss. Final test: Sony; Sample tests: Zeiss
Production site: Sony Chonburi Thailand

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