Fuji Any Fuji (X-H1) aviation photo gurus hang around here?


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Plans are for me to attend my first airshow in over 5 years, and the first with Fuji stuff.

Will be using the X-H1 + 100-400 and the 16-55.

Plan on AF-S and single point when using the 16-55. Aperture will vary depending upon wide shot or zoomed-in.

100-400 will mostly be at f/8.

Shutter speeds will also vary - 1/125s to 1/250s for prop birds and helos depending on how stable I am, and most likely 1/1000s + for the fast movers depending upon how bright it is on airshow day.

Not sure if Fuji's tracking modes are going to do OK. I know from tracking birds and helos locally, it doesn't work as well as the Canon 7D2II + 100-400LmkII.

Anyone here spend time shooting aviation stuff with the X-H1 + 100-400 and care to share knowledge?
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