Any graphic designers out there? :D Recommend a color for links on a grey background...


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I've been working on a bunch of different areas getting ready for the site upgrade here and, as part of that, the current themes have to be either recreated or replaced. I'm not personally a fan of using white links *and* white text on a dark background because then it doesn't make it obvious what is a clickable link and what is just plain text.

For the 'dark' theme I've been playing around with shades of grey with orange but I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Thoughts? All input is welcome. :D



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the current colorway seems to be a lighter gray for text and white for you not like that?

Would plain white and a white bold work? or is that different enough?

I like yellow on the dark the yellow in Kevin's "Administrator" badge.


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I appreciate the feedback guys. :) The first screen shot wasn't the best because it didn't show 'unread' indicators; normally "unread" forum links are bold and I've got the node icon to the left of the forum name pale for 'read' and bright for 'unread'. In this case the "Black and White" forum name in bold with the bright icon indicates I have unread messages in that forum while the others are read.

Attached are some samples using a barely-there blue [rgb(225, 245, 252)] and then a barely-there yellow [rgb(249, 247, 202)]. You guys are on the right path, both of them are better than the orange text.




Adobe Color CC

Just in case you (or anyone else reading) isn't aware of it, the Adobe Kuler tool is great for picking complimentary colour schemes. It's pretty self explanatory but importantly you can change the colour spacings to give you different sets.of complimentary colour schemes.

Its also a really useful tool when picking colours for styled shoots, or colour grading film.


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This is slightly OT but still relevant. This is a new sign in my local hospital. It's at the top of a flight of stairs:

...and yes, it really is a sign that directs you 30 feet along the corridor direction to another sign that directs you back the other way again...

...that aside, note that it is pale grey on dark grey, as is all the new signage.

Whilst there I had to go for an X-ray. One of the nurses took me down because, as she said, the new signage was so bad.

On the way she mentioned that she herself was partially sighted and the oh-so-stylish light grey on dark grey signage in a nice cool font was almost impossible for her to read.

...just a thought.

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