Fuji Any recommendations on a good LTM-FujiX adapter?


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Chris Wolffensperger
Does anybody have experience with an adapter fujix body to LTM adapter? I've bought one (KIWI), yet my two old Leica lenses just seem to add on up side down. No problem with picture quality or so, but it's not really convenient in focussing and changing aperture..
Is this a common problem or just with the kiwi's?


London, England
Does the adapter have a silver threaded ring onto which the LTM screws? If so, check for the grub screws around the body of the adapter, loosen these and rotate the lens so that the lens is the right way up, tighten and away you go.

One point about LTM adapters is that Elmar lenses have problems with the infinity lock.

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