Samsung Any Samsung TL350 shooters?


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Hey y'all, my first post here.

Anyone using the Samsung TL350/WB2000? It seems like there's not much buzz about it. I got one a few months ago and I'm enjoying it. I chose it over the Canon S90 (S95 wasn't out yet) because it is smaller, shoots HD video, plus some other bonus features. I found this interesting comparison -

Canon definitely wins with the wider aperture. I agree sensor size bigger is better, but it's CCD vs CMOS, so not exactly apples to apples. ISO 1600 noise is probably almost unacceptable for both cameras. Samsung has the 24mm wide angle, 10 FPS shooting, and ability to take pictures while shooting HD video.

I wasn't impressed with the Samsung RAW Converter software (Silkypix), but the latest Lightroom can now handle the RAW files, and I'm much happier.

My main complaint is the TL350 user interface. I wish the functions of the thumbwheel and navigation wheel were able to be customized by the user, like the dials on the Canon S90/S95. It would make changing settings faster, and the camera would be more enjoyable to use. I'm hoping Samsung could fix this with a firmware update, but not holding my breath.



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Matt, welcome! I noticed your "handle" bigrig a while ago and am glad to have you on board. I hope you'll hear back from some kindred Samsung TL350 shooters with their impressions.


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I love that shot! (I guess of your daughter?)

I was considering the TL350 too for awhile, as well as the TL500. Then I got lucky and got a great deal on a NEX3. But the TL350 looks real nice, especially if you process RAW. IIRC ISO 1600 even seemed usable for black and white.


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Yeah, BB! And this one, too! (Another ISO800 from the TL350)