Fuji Any thinking of buying the GFX?



I would buy one, IF i had the money. Sadly, I don't. But IF, then I certainly would. Although I would like a true waist level finder rather than the periscope type thing it seems to be coming out with. Still miss shooting 6x6 on the 'blad.


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My XT1 body has already been refurbed once, and is showing its age again. Sometimes it doesn't come on when I flick the switch the first time. I find myself pondering a "backup" that would actually become the primary, with the XT1 becoming backup. XT-20 might do it, but a used XT2 is probably the smartest choice. Would probably prefer an XE3, if it existed... I like that form factor most and I don't ever use OVF.


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I tend to take the "alternative facts" strewn by that website with an enormous bucket of salt (particularly so since they can't even spell "rumours" ;) ) but this seems for once to have a basis in fact.

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