Fuji Any XS-1 owners here? A lot of questions here!


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Morning. How well does the XS-1 perform in real life? Is image quality (much) better or as good as m43?
Is orbs an issue? Noise at high iso? Weight and handling? Body: metal or plastic? Sealings?
AF speed?

I do look forward hearing from you, thanks in advance.


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Morning young man,

Are you thinking about getting one Herman?

It's always difficult to get a Dutchman to part with his money

The XS-1 seems expensive to me ........... I'm not too sure were Fuji are going with it looking at their X line cameras - I can see the logic of the X Pro 1, (maybe an alternative to a used M8 or to tempt M9 buyers), the X100 started the movement in this direction - then the X10, a quality large compact ....... but then the (expensive) XS-1 which seems to be competing with the super zooms from Canon and the like - I know build quality and IQ is better .... but by how much?

Fuji - I think I'd consider buying the X Pro 1 as it has (also) the ability to use Leica glass - plus AF on Fuji lens ........ if my M8 went down ....... but even so I'd rather have the M8 repaired and spend money on regular maintenance .......... but the XS-1 ........ I think I consider a small Pentax DSLR if I were going in that direction, especially if they released a longer zoom

Just my thoughts - (the HS20 is under Euro 300 - no need to buy the HS30 apparently)

save your money for a D400


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Thanks Bill for your reply. I have to get up my mind what to do! The new Sony DSC HX200V seems very appealing to me. Weight, size, 3D options, GPS, 18 MP, 30 x opt. zoom thats okay with me. But...does it have manual zoom?
Yip, I'm looking for a bridge camera. I simply don't want to change lenses. An one in all package!
I like the Fujifilm XS-1, HS30EXR a lot. Not their price though.
Okay Bill, I'll check D400. In order to put a smile on your face.


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I love my X10 and X100....but the XS-1 just doesn't make sense to me at all. It's absolutely huge compared to affordable DSLRs with an accompanying slow zoom lens. Even my old Panasonic GH1 with the 45-200mm lens (90-400mm) blows away the XS-1 in IQ, especially over ISO 400...and it's lighter and smaller than the Fuji. I think the XS line will probably die out OR be replaced by a small form factor SLR style'd camera with an APS-C sensor that can accept future affordable X mount lenses. With the XS-1, if I'm going to carry something that big and heavy, it better have a large sensor to match.


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As a fan of bridge cameras (I've owned a Fuji S5500, Panasonic FZ50, Fuji HS10 and now a X-S1) I'm happy with my X-S1. Yes it's large and overpriced but I do like Fujis. IQ is good but not up to MFT quality and as it has the X10 sensor I guess 'orbs' are possible but I'm not a night shooter. Like you Herman there is something about a 'do it all' camera that is appealing. I'm going on a 6 week cruise in Sep-Oct and am seriously considering usung the X-S1 over the GH2.


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I lent my X-S1 to a friend for a little Safari in Zimbabwe. He's just returned with a heap of RAWs, and I put 30 of them trough Lightroom 5 and Aperture 3.4.5 yesterday night:




















Nice shots from your friend, Rico. I still have a hankering for one of these but the price has not shifted one scrap since it came out and its beyond what I'm prepared to spend on a bridge camera. I'll stick with my FZ100 for now, but will be looking for something else before much longer. This would be good, at about $150-200AU less than its current, but I dont think that will ever happen.
Really? X-S1s are practically given away over here. Less than 400 Euros incl. VAT and all.
Yeah, I heard that. In Australia, $729 is the best price I can get. I could go to the grey market (hell I might!) and get it for less. Except I think they are running out of stock in HK :( And, it doesn't look like Fuji will be repeating and doing an X-S2 which is a shame.


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Its a really flexible camera, and its the 2/3 sensor that has always attracted me to it. Oh well, need to forget about, for myself. Love the African shots, Rico, tell your friend he's a lucky man to have one. (yikes just did a quick check and find that *some* sellers have over $AU1000 on theirs. daylight robbery!)