Anybody into Fujifilm advanced compacts?

Martin Pounds

Feb 26, 2011
Southampton, UK
I have a F300EXR and I love it. Ive ditched my DLSR and just carry the Fuji around. In low light I use a Giottas lightweight tripod. The picture quality is great and its damn near as capable as the Nikon D5000 I used to lug around. I found the Nikon too complicated for my 50 year old brain lol but the F300 is a breeze. Any Fuji like minded people out there?


Super Moderator Emeritus
Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
Hi Martin. Welcome to SC. Not sure I've come across many Fuji users here, though I think very shortly there will be lots of Fuji X100 owners. Perhaps you should post a few pics. We have some members who can't resist the lure of a new camera so you might encourage a few sales for Fuji.
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The Image Stimulator
Jul 11, 2010
The Netherlands
Hi Martin, I got an oldie from Fuji, I like the color output of it a lot.
I'll have to check my photos taken with Fuji and post one of them soon.
See you later, thanks.


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Sep 26, 2010
Yes, but not the one you mean.

I like this one. :)

Fixed lens, plastic thus lightweight, medium format film camera. For medium format, it is compact.

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