Anybody know anything about this camera?

No RF,
Middle thing is a flash
Far right thing is a red LED I'm guessing for the Self-timer
No telling who makes it.
The Spec's don't revel the CMOS sensor size... but the 7.5mm on the short end may be a clue (35mm FOV?)
Only Auto mode

Vivatar Spec on their website

I'd say a cheapish good looking retro style Chinese camera in the $100.00 range?

But, maybe others will follow the Fuji X100 lead next year, and we will some very cool looking [real RF looking] Digital P/S for those who like to be different.)
Thanks you guys. Yeah, my first reaction was that it was wishing it were the Fuji X100 that many of us are looking forward to seeing in real life. I was just over on their website dreaming.
They used to make some excellent lenses,Series 1,I think they were called ,but that was way back when.The camera does look a little like the x100 but getting a real rangefinder on a cheap camera is too much to ask I suppose.
Vivitar was/is a US company that was set up in the 1930s to sell good quality at modest prices and yes the Series 1 lenses are still well regarded. Lenses were manufactured by others (in Japan) and sold under the Vivitar brand. Today the brand is more known for modest quality. See Wikipedia.
Vivitar 285 flashes are still sought after as studio slaves. I still have an early 1980s 2500 that works perfectly. Rumour has it that they'll even work on a D40 or D7000, using manual setting on the camera and auto on the flash. I haven't tried it.

As to the cameras, if DP Review doesn't list them I don't really want to know.