Anyone been to Lower Antelope Canyon?


Going for the next 5 days on a punishing SW loop of The Wave/Coyote Buttes (for the second time, after swearing I'd never go back), Lower Antelope Canyon (been to Upper), Monument Valley, House on Fire and possibly some other choice places.

In any case, Upper Antelope is universally PACKED with people, and I was incredibly lucky when I went there because I was in a tour group of exactly two: my g/f and myself, and Charley, the world's greatest desert guide. But w/Lower, one can get a 4 hour photographer's pass and be left alone, w/out a lot of groups to hassle with. That being the case, if anyone's been there, and tips in advance as to where the good areas might be would be appreciated.

We'll be arriving there about 0800 hours.

Good bits: get to see how my new, tricked out Jeep Liberty performs! And it carries lots of stuff!

Bad bits: I hate the desert.