Anyone been to Madeira?


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The wife and I have been thinking about a trip to Funchal, Madeira this winter. Looks like a nice place to get away from the dark, cold and most likely wet danish winter.
Has anyone been there, do you have any recommendations, warnings or other things we should consider?
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I have been there although it was a good few years ago. The scenery is fantastic and the roads are very scary!!! LOL. There are not many beaches to laze about on but there was plenty to do I seem to remember. The restaurants were very good but the best bit was take off and landing. Check out the runway on the's scary!! I think it has been extended since we went so probably not as bad. Go up into the mountains if you can by coach (V.Scary!) as the scenery is impressive so well worth taking you camera! From what I remember me and the wife had a great time as it was a very interesting Island.
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