Anyone here use Sony DSLRs with EVFs?


I know it's off topic for serious compacts but please indulge me :rolleyes: Can anyone share their experience with the newer Sony DSLRs with the EVFs? I'm curious about them. Thanks!


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Love it. Had a G1 Panny for a couple of years and when they came out with the A33/A55 with equal resolution EVF and phase detect auto focus, I had to have one so got an A33 and I got a A77 a few months ago right before they became generally available everywhere.

All your shots can be, as they say, chimped before you shoot. What you see is what you get. The EVF can be cranked up in darker conditions too. BIF are no problem, at least as far as the EVF, but there is a slight blackout between shots.

The A33 EVF was at least half again better than the pretty good EVF on the G1 and the A77 is so good, you really never notice it's an EVF. If you want to read more about the EVF and how good it is, got to Kirk Tuck's blog and he gushes a lot about the ability to chimp your shots and the speed and low ISO capability of the A77, as in 50 ISO.

Plus the focus peaking is a feature that I use a lot now mostly for DOF checking to see exactly where the sensors have focused on. That feature will be one of the greatest advantages of the EVF over an OVF.


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I've also got an a77. It's simply a staggering camera. A few things that really stand out for me are.

The EVF, of course. It's so far ahead of anything in m4/3 it's just silly. And even though the panel is also used in the NEX7, due to the better lens and eye releif it's miles ahead of that as well. It's stunning to look through and the amount of information it can display is amazing. As mentioned pre-chimping is worth it's weight in gold.

The 16-50 2.8 "kit" zoom is as good a short zoom as I've ever used. It's easily as good as its Canon and Nikon FF counterparts.

The electronic first curtain shutter. I never turn it off.

It feels exceptionally good in the hand. The optional grip is the best I've ever used. And you can customise most of the buttons to suit your personal tastes.

The AF zeiss lenses are superb.

Low ISO is unbeleivable. And higher ISOs are better than the forums indicate.

The not so good.

There is no "my menu" so you need to go through the whole thing for the few functions you need, like formatting a card.

And *for me*, that's it. If Sony introduced a my menu function I'd have no complaints. There was a lag issue but the last firmware completely eradicated that. The serious video guys would probably like more control of the audio and you need an adaptor to use studio triggers, but these are nothing, really.



Thanks guys. Sounds like an interesting camera, at least the A77. I am considering a higher performance camera to complement my GXR system and I've become used to EVFs with all of the advantages they offer. The Sony's were never on my radar but I do read Kirk's blog. I've come to know his preferences and points of view.

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