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I researched them quite a bit. I like the idea of it, but the IQ seems to be very lacking for the price you are paying. I passed and instead got the Lomo Belair X6-12 with instant back and the Lomo'Instant Wide instead.
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I tried the first generation TL70 - I liked the handling, and the new viewfinder on the 2.0 model is definitely a big improvement (the first generation was decidedly murky), but IQ isn't really a step up from the cheaper (albeit less capable) Lomo'Instant (not the Wide) and Fujifilm Instax Classic Neo 90. The upcoming Lomo'instant Automat is going to be a very competitive camera - I checked a pre-release model at Photokina, and if I didn't have the Lomo'Instant (a gorgeously simplistic camera that needs some knowledge to shoot well), I'd absolutely get the Automat before falling for the TL70.

That said, I think the TL70 is a good camera - just a bit overpriced, but conceptually very well thought out. If TLR shooting is your thing (or nostalgia bugs you), you won't go far wrong with the MiNT. I just think the Lomography offerings are more convincing. The Leica Sofort ("instantly" in German - slow joke ...), on the other hand, is a pretty shameless re-branding of the Fujifilm Neo 90, removing the very handy second shutter button to boot - maybe with slightly better handling in some places (flash de-activation - but that remains to be seen), but at twice the price, I'll pass on that ...


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