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Well of course they changed the message. However it is quite true that for years and years, since osx, there has been no need to use any kind of protection. With the increasing use of mac, it was inevitable that there would be something on the horizon. I dont know why they make such a fuss. That was ONE piece of malware, whilst PC still has hundreds of thousands... the lesson? Use one of the free antivirus/antimalware things and make sure you have software update check daily, because Apple is providing fixes via update, just like Windows does, to patch security holes. (I'm using Avast as per your suggestion in another thread, Herman, its been updated to work with Mountain Lion so its all good. sophos is good, but I now prefer Avast to that, and ClamXAV)


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The article is written by a site that seems focused on security and privacy. Didn't semantic or one of the other anti-virus vendors recently (last 3 months) release a report showing all sorts of Mac malware hits, which was then de-bunked, as it turned out mainly to be trojans that were accepted by naive people.

Until some major, proven trend shows it's hand, I'm going "commando" still with my macs.
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