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Aug 25, 2010
S W France
If you upgrade to Lion X and run a VM, (Virtual Machine), application, (like Parallels), just be careful because of compatibility issues - i.e. you have to upgrade to the latest Parallels VM, which costs $30, otherwise the (windows), applications you run under the VM will not load.


Oct 10, 2010
Lion has caused us so many problems, we are officially advising our students not to upgrade yet as they will hit problems for term time. Shame as it looks really good..
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I have finally successfully backtracked, to Snow Leopard, and iLife09 (Thank god for older Time Machine backups... my clones were useless). My iMac is much happier, my backup programs work better, and I'm not getting beachballs anymore, because I having tried the newer iphoto, I find that, like Aperture, it simply does not like my machine, and for this computer, at least, Lion is most definitely NOT happening.


Oct 10, 2010
That's interesting. What sort of problems?
IP Printing is broken, full stop!
Issues with Netware fileshares
Something weird with key chain certs, that Im still trying to get to the bottom of.
802.1x has gone from working to sometimes working, we are seeing Lion based macs getting an increasing number of authentication failures..
Numerous exchange 2010 calendar issues

Im sure alot of this will get fixed, but as usual Im tearing my hair out at the secrecy policy of Apple and the amound of deleted posts on Apple forums from people who are posting their experiences. Makes a valid discussion very hard to have.
At the moment we are advising new students not to upgrade until teething issues are sorted out..

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