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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Apple has released its latest OS X security updates for Snow Leopard (OS X
10.6) and Lion (OS X 10.7) versions. These are big packages, some 200Mbyte
for Security Update 2012-001 in Leopard and between 700MBytes and 1.4Gbytes
for Lion (depending on what version of 10.7 you are currently using). A
reboot is required on both Snow Leopard and Lion.

Apple offers the update both as a direct download and through its software
update utility. You are strongly recommended to update if you are an Apple

Apple OS X users – it’s Security Update time again! | Naked Security

Search Security:
Apple updates OS X Lion to 10.7.3, releases Snow Leopard security fix

Apple Bulletin: About the security content of OS X Lion v10.7.3 and Security Update 2012-001
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Please don't get this update!!

MANY people are having HUGE issues with this update crashing *all* apps and requiring a complete reinstall. I am not touching it until those issues are sorted out.

If you must go ahead and do it, make sure you have a bootable clone drive at the ready, to restore your system. And no, Time Machine is NOT a decent replacement for a clone...
Carbon Copy Cloner - Home CCC is free.


Oct 13, 2010
There are two things conflated here. So far as I know there is no Security Update for Lion 10.7.2 but there is an update to 10.7.3 which is what is discussed in the forum referenced above and some people are having problems with. I have installed it with no problems.
There may be a Security Update for Snow Leopard 10,6 but I am not running that so cannot.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Whatever the case, its all up to yourselves to decide whether to go ahead or not. I have chosen not, because there (at this time) are more people saying they have had issues than not (the silent majority has had none, one must assume). And Murphy rides on my left shoulder, so if anyone will have problems its bound to be me. TBH I have never really taken to Lion at all, and only updated because of having my mobileme moved to icloud (which I also don't like much) - gee, I think I might have just talked myself out of even bothering to keep it all. :).


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Aug 15, 2011
South Australia
I really dont see Lion as all that different but the bits that are I like. Im sorry to hear your not liking it Sue. But like everything, each user is different :) makes life more interesting.


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Jul 3, 2010
Lion has generally been kind of buggy on all three of my Macs. One of them has had flaky Wifi, and this update seems to have addressed that, so it's a step in the right direction.

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