Fuji Arca Swiss QR plate - larger than Cambo?


I have some Cambo QR plates from my large format camera days. I thought these would be similar to Arca Swiss QR (a wedge or dovetail two part design). When i ordered the Ishoot grip for my X-E1 I expected (as it's said to fit the Arca Swiss) that the grip base would fit into the Cambo QR dovetail thingy - but the Cambo doesn't open wide enough.
Does anyone know if the Arca Swiss QR opens wider than the Cambo, definitely accepts the Ishoot and, as I imagine it's going to be expensive, are there any other compatible QR heads which are cheaper??


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Have a look on Ebay. There are loads of Arca Swiss QR plates and heads at very good prices. They are usually very easy to fit on your tripod head. Arca Swiss standard seems to be popular at the moment with accessory manufacturers.


there are loads of arca swiss type ball heads on the cheap, and some are even combo'd affordably with tripods. not sure if the arca swiss type qr opens larger than a cambo type qr though.

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arca swiss type by яσмι. ғ σ т σ, on Flickr

Thanks for the replies, from yourself and Coops.
The Cambo QR opens to a maximum of about 38mm at the bottom of the dovetail. It's also sharply cut on the wedge so it's a good 2mm too small to accept the IShoot grip.
I've taken a chance and ordered FotoPanda FP-AC01 Adaptor / Clamp & 50mm plate, Arca Swiss compatible.
From memory, looking on Ebay, it's described as opening from around 38 to 41.5mm. If that refers to the bottom of the dovetail it should be fine.

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