Architectural Detail

Architectural detail of an old service station I noticed while driving through a small town.

Architectural Detail-1.jpg
Nice photo but jackleg electrical work; the 'electrician' should have run the conduit into a weatherproof enclosure and used conduit down the wall and bent to attach to the conduit on the fixture. (I know, I'm picky...)

Ok, my English is not perfect and I may not understand all details. However there are series of these lamps and overall the installation looks pretty decent for the length of the whole wall. Considering the buildings are soon 250 years old and lamps are new-build. It’s always difficult to combine old buildings with new security requirements e.g. for electricity.
@Matero, it's not difficult to do what I described - it's simply a matter of doing a professional, Code compliant and tidy looking job. Wires poking out of the ends of conduit and stapled to the exterior wall is really sloppy workmanship.