Architecture with an LX-5


A while back I did a series on Architecture with my Pentax APS-C cameras. Most were shot with a 28mm, many with a 15mm. I recently purchased an LX-5 and am evaluating it as a travel camera which will also hold down responsibility for relatively serious architectural detail shots.

I have determined to redo the Yale series I did previously. It allows me a little more freedom through familiarity as well as a chance to reshoot some stuff in 16:9 that might really work in that format. I will continue to add to this series throughout the month of November. I will also have an opportunity in January to shoot with no people which in some cases is highly desirable.

I'd appreciate critique. Happy to take it and even reshoot where I can do better. I'd also be happy to show the analogous shot taken with the Pentax gear if that is of interest. I am finding that the photos are comparable in many ways. I will need to print to be sure, but so far the results are very good.

A start. It occurs to me that the following should be shot with a polarizer to remove the reflections.

Question: Should the following be perspective corrected so that, for example, the tiles on the floor are square to the lower edge of the photo... this is easy enough to do in various tools, but scaling results in cropping loss. The following was shot with a polarizer optimized to reduce reflections, but they could not be removed entirely.

Three shot bracket, hand held.

Let me know what you think! Thanks.


The lines of the walkway don't bother me at all. Everything else in the shot lines up great. Having said that,
could you of moved to the right just a bit to get a straight line on the bottom, without sacrificing the sides? Im not sure. Its'
a crap shoot of sorts if you know what I mean. But you did shoot it very well... Love your photos woof..
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