Leica Armanius has an article on Steve Huff's site: Leica M9...Travels on a Budget!


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Well, it turns out that our friend Armanius AKA Armando Chiu wrote a very nice article over on Steve Huff's site back in June 2010: Leica M9 Travels…On A Budget! By Armando Chiu | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS where you'll have to travel to, to read it.;)

But I'll give you a little intro here that was written by Steve Huff for the piece:
So you guys want to know how to shoot a Leica M9 on a budget? Ha ha! Well, here you go. Just buy some Voigtlander glass like Armando Chiu did! Here is his article on shooting the M9 with budget glass during his trip to San Francisco. Enjoy!

I'm off to finish reading the article right now!:drinks:


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I'll be sure to post some shots with the $60 KMZ Jupiter-3 5cm F1.5 on my M9.

It does a great job on the M8.


Today I had the 1937 5cm F1.5 Sonnar on the M9, made into Leica mount using a J-3 mount.


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The words 'M9' and 'budget' do not belong in the same sentence! The only way you could travel on a budget with a M9 is to take your new Leica down to the local beach, park in a free parking zone, and eat icecream that you brought from your own fridge at home. Or set up a tent in the back yard and take photos of the dog. :D