Art Deco - NEX 5


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Christina - are we in the hotel, still?:biggrin:

That vignetting worked out wonderfully in your first and gives this a serious moodiness to me - plus I think it emphasizes the feeling of times past. It's also a great example of the kind of attention to detail and workmanship that one can find in fine old places such as this one. Great stuff


Aug 26, 2010
Outside Liverpool Uk
Oh Christina I know exactly what you mean by 'stir crazy' ; couldn't get out quick enough on Monday just to Asda for shopping that I didn't really need! love the photos reminds me of 'Upstairs downstairs' on TV recently.
I'm interested in your and others views on the NEX5 I have one on the way at this very moment; after a lot of reading of various reviews and a vg price offered at Express Warehouse I succumbed to Silver with18-55mm.
Hope this fills the gap in my ridiculously increasing collection of cameras.

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