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My name is Dave and I recently upgraded from a Point and Shoot to a Sony NEX.

In the past couple of years I have begun learning the tricks of taking good photography, and was at the point of wanting something better to take pictures with. However I was intimidated with the size, weight and complexity of the camera systems I saw. Not being a professional photographer who takes a trip or excursion, just to take photos I did not want to be laden down with gear everywhere I went. I wanted something light that I can have with me when we go places and that is what I love about the new smaller professional systems and the Sony NEX in particular.

In short, the NEX camera offers all I need to step up to nice pics, without the weight and complexity of larger systems.


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Dave thanks so much for coming over here to join us - and for jumping right in with both feet! Welcome!:biggrin:

Since quite a few are still engaged in holiday activities or travels, things may be a bit slow here, but keep the faith because we've got some very helpful members onboard.:thumbsup: