Just played around with it, and it appears like you’d have to do the same trick. I set the exposure button to MF, and you can quickly press and hold that and scroll through the different focus modes. Pretty cool actually, and I don’t think it’s all that clunky, but I suppose it’s not as easy as simply pressing the button over and over again to scroll through. That does not appear available, if that’s how you’re saying the e-m1 iii works.
Yeah, the em1 just keeps the menu up without having to hold the button + scroll. You also get exposure options to control with the front dial. The ‘m5 will just bounce between MF and AF, so it takes a little brain training. But yeah, you found the trick and used before.
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Some northern lights in Minnesota last night. Not as cracked up as it was supposed to be, but hours after I called it quits, it blew up. More red than I’ve gotten before to be fair. They were out again tonight, and so was I. I haven’t processed them yet, and also not all that great, but I’m sure at some point tonight while I’m asleep they’ll be going nuts again!
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