Film At The Wild Horse


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
The Wild Horse Cafe in Pomeroy, OH is a favorite eating place of me and my wife. About 80 minutes from my house, it is located right on the Ohio River, with outdoor eating, and window views for those that prefer to eat indoors. It's a popular place, with good food and service.

The building is surrounded by Royal Paulownia trees. If one visits at the right time, the restaurant can be spotted from over a mile away just by the deep purple flowers all over the riverbank. We timed it wrong this year; the trees started blooming a week or so early, and on our visit, the blooms had already lost some of the deep purple and were beginning to shed their petals. They were still nice.

Mamiya M645 1000S, Ektar 100 that was accidentally underexposed, rescued in GIMP.



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