Attention-seeking me.


Sep 20, 2013
Montpellier, France
All good, just out, waiting for pickup. Be home tomorrow. The report isnt perfect but better than expected. Your thoughts snd prayers worked!!
good for you, Sue...I find that 95% of what's most difficult about having an angiogram is emotional stress. The rest is pretty painless. Went for an angiogram myself this past monday. All stable. I have them done about every three to five years based on how many stents I've got, my history and family history. My docs keeping a close watch on me. Despite how good nuclear stress tests have become, they seem to feel it's better to go in and have a close look every now and then...

kind regards, now get out there and walk, run, cycle a few easy miles :)


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Nov 12, 2010
Glad to hear it's better than expected Sue! Hope that the "imperfections" won't have too much an impact on your life!

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