Attn: AT&T Customers, blocked emails


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It came to my attention from a long-standing Cameraderie community member that AT&T is blocking the emails from our server. :( When the email is blocked it gets 'bounced' back indicating that the receiving server won't accept the email. If your email address is AT&T, SBC, Prodigy, or one of several other groups that AT&T has acquired over the years then you'll be impacted.

The immediate impact this has is that the web site software we use looks for bounced email errors and, after several bounces, flags the community member's account as invalid. When that happens the member is unable to access most of the site.

I'll be reaching out to the AT&T tech support about getting the block lifted. In the interim I've disabled the bounced email check so that nobody else gets affected by this.


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I'd recommend that everyone get an email address NOT associated with your internet provider. I havent used an ISP/RSP email address for about 25 years. Don't get google. There are plenty of alternatives and if you don't mind paying, several really decent email providers (Runbox and Fastmail spring to mind). I'd recommend Protonmail, or if you don't care about encryption, Outlook is fine, so is Zoho.

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