Announcement Attn: Subscribers - Please check your PayPal settings!


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If you are a "LIFETIME" subscriber you don't have to do anything and no action should be taken.
If you are currently a subscriber, please check your PayPal settings. If PayPal subscription for Cameraderie is anything other than or then your subscription will need to be cancelled and re-submitted. If you don't see either of those addresses in your PayPal subscription please cancel your PayPal transaction.

This is a problem from the change of site ownership that took place last Fall. Unfortunately there were some recurring subscriptions out there that have been ending up getting renewed with the wrong email address (such as or During the transition it was attempted to make it as easy as possible for all current members and to honor all existing subscriptions but it looks like this is causing some fallout as subscriptions are coming up for renewal.

During the next several days all of the subscriptions will be manually reviewed. This will involve possibly cancelling some subscriptions and adding/removing members to the Subscribers groups. If your account no longer shows as being a member of the Subscribers group and you believe that to be in error then please send me a direct message and I'll take care of it.

Sorry about this, folks. :( During the transition it was tried to be as painless & easy as possible for everybody but this part had some issues that were missed. Going forward the generic email address should be treated as the primary email address to avoid using anybody's personal email address for PayPal.
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