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If you haven't already done so, please see this thread first about the change in site ownership from me to @KevinW :

New Cameraderie owner, Kevin!

If you are currently a subscribing member with a recurring subscription, please cancel your subscription at this time (today). To do so, visit this page in your PayPal account:

Log in to your PayPal account

From there, cancel any existing recurring payments to asabet@gmail or vsabet@gmail

If you don't see any recurring payment there to either of those addresses, then you are all set. Either you did a one-time (non-recurring) subscription, or you already canceled it in the past.

If you have recurring payments there for more than one site (eg and Cameraderie), please cancel them all.

@KevinW is going to honor all existing, paid subscriptions, meaning that your subscriber status won't change until your subscription time has elapsed. So for example, if you subscribed for 1 year two weeks ago and cancel now, your subscribing member status will remain in effect for another 50 weeks. Or if you subbed for "Lifetime", it won't expire at all.

After Kevin sets up new subscription options, I hope everyone will continue to support the site. You can wait until your current paid sub expires before re-subscribing. Or if you want, you can re-subscribe right away. Just know that if you do that, you'll be charged right away, and the duration of the sub will be that of the new subscription, not the two subs added together.

I hope that all makes sense. Please feel free to ask any questions. And sorry for the mass email, but I want to make sure no one continues to send me recurring payments now that I am no longer the site owner.

TLDR: Go now to your PayPal options and cancel any existing recurring payments to asabet@gmail or vsabet@gmail.

Thanks, everyone, for helping to support this community!


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