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Austin A30

When my Wife & I started stepping out she drove this 1950's Austin A30 whereas I drove around in a Mk 1 Ford Cortina Estate. (Not that it was significant but both were Green with white roofs.)

I discovered this 120 neg of my wife’s motor on the weekend & scanned it with the V550.


Austin A30
by Roger Evans, on Flickr​

This then led to me doing a google on the A30 & came up with this bit of design history

what I didn’t know was the connection with Raymond Loewy Designers as stylists – as with most things in design the history can be fascinating and if only they had kept true to the original concept we would have had a much more stylistic design in the UK for small family cars with far reaching design influences.
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Hah! I remember my father having one of these (actually, it was the later A35 model, rather than the A30) as a company car :eek-54: in the late fifties. Of course, it's a little difficult to imagine one of these as a company car, these days...!

Thanks for posting, and bringing back some good memories.:thumbsup:

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