Australia 2012 :D


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Any chance of pointing us to where we might see these in their larger full glory, Kristen? Hint, hint? These are too beautiful not to be seen more completely.

I made them bigger after fighting with some of them wanting to be.. attachments, weirdness.


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Down Under
LOL yes it rocks once you get past all the commercial touristy cheap stuff
Yeah, but flip that stuff over and it don't say "Made in Australia" on the tag..;)

Either way, glad you scratched beyond the surface, found a little of our essence and bottled it for the world to see. Nice shots indeed!


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I know.. even the Uggs boots.. they were made in china. The ones that weren't made a BIG deal about it with their hand sewn tags on the heel. Oh and then you know roo fur things.. that's authentic.