Fuji Auto ISO - minimum shutter speed setting for X100s


I'm wondering which settings you guys are using for Auto ISO for X100s?
Specially what is your minimum shutter speed setting in Auto ISO?

I would like to get as sharp images as possible in low light situations. What balance is good to you between highest ISO, minimum shutter speed and aperture settings in different low light situations? Like people in lowlight, environment etc?


I'm at 1/60 on the X100. Haven't had any problems, though this did prompt me to bump it up to 1/80, just to monkey with it.

I find that some of my 1/60 shots doesn't get sharp enough. Maybe my hands aren't steady enough. I think that I will need to bump up the speed some.


I'm finding ISO 6400 is just fine, in fact amazing on this camera so I 've set my minimum speed at 1/125.

I'll think I'll try bumping it up to 1/125 too. Wanna have sharp images as my hands seems to be not steady enough for lower shutter speeds.

It is off course another story if I use the X-E1 with XF18-55 due to OIS, then slower shutters speeds are ok.


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Haven't shot the X100 a ton yet, but my experience generally with 28-50mm equiv focal lengths is that around 1/125 is a pretty good indoor & low light shutter speed for people photos. Lower than that I have found myself getting blur even on fairly static subjects.


Thank you guys! I am changing my shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/125!

Just wanted to ask for a little confirmation but I've noticed that many of my 1/60 shots are little blurry. Don't want to take chanses now when I'm going to Barcelona - a one time experience for me! Want to have as many keepers as I can.

Thank you again for your advise!

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