Fuji Auto ISO on X100


Feb 18, 2013
Pacific Northwest
"New" X100 owner here with a question about auto ISO, which I have set to my RAW button. I had assumed, the other day while strolling and shooting, that I could use my custom button to toggle between auto ISO and static ISO. However, it seemed to not be the case. Instead, it appeared to just let me choose a static ISO to shoot at if I was not already in Auto ISO. Does this appear to be the experience of others?


Feb 3, 2013
Devon, UK
Thanks, Rico. It's an annoyance, but I can live with it. Since I use Auto ISO the majority of the time, I'll menu dive if I need a static ISO and change the custom button to something else, instead (I've got the ND filter tied to the Fn button).
For me, this is the only remaining annoyance in the x100, after all the excellent improvements that have been made through firmware updates. But it IS an annoyance.:mad:

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