Announcement Automated email address verification - 2020, Mar 6


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During the past 24 hours an automated email address verification process has been running. This is a follow-up to the change from a few months ago when outgoing emails were switched to use Amazon SES services. Email addresses that could not be verified resulted in accounts being flagged the same as if an email 'bounce' event occurred; if your account was flagged then you will see an alert message as shown in the image below.


The emails addresses were verified using the email service. The actual process is that the email server is pinged with the address and then the email server returns a status indicating whether the email address is valid. The email address is also bumped against 'spam' lists.

It is possible that some 'false positives' from the process was encountered, meaning a valid email address was flagged as being invalid. If you think this has happened please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and we can manually update your account. ☹

So far I've heard from two our members that they got flagged and both have been updated. I know this will be an annoyance for anybody who got flagged with a valid email; fortunately it is a one-time bulk process that helps reduce the chance of our "" emails from getting flagged as spam (servers sending a large amount of outbound emails to invalid email addresses are typically flagged as possible spam domains and get blacklisted).


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Thanks Kevin - everything looks to be good now. I also added "*" to my email's whitelist just incase they have cameraderie listed in their spam filters. Not sure if that will help with anything.


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FYI - I've heard from a few other members via the Contact Us form; everybody who has written, I've been updating your accounts as soon as I receive the email.

If I haven't written back personally to the emails it's only because I was dealing with a headache by using the patented "Leave me alone while I sit/lay here in the silent darkness." method. When I woke up and looking at my phone was causing a sensation like a nail being pounded into my head I knew it was going to be long day; fortunately I get email alerts on my Fitbit so any emails about getting a false-positive hit on their email verification here at Cameraderie I hopped on the phone real quick to update their account before putting it back on the charger. Now that I'm back to my semi-usual self and at a real keyboard I'm catching up on stuff.

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