Autumn into Christmas


Nov 6, 2012
A few from a Sunday stroll and a few reminders that Christmas isn't far away!

In terms of processing a bit of a departure for me. I've finally discovered RRP (Raw Photo Processor) and I love it. I know it's popular with other Fuji X owners. Very little fettling with my images compared to what I usually do in Lightroom and I really like the results so far. Just let the wonderful X100 do the talking :)

Full set here

DSCF4431.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-

DSCF4377.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-

DSCF4390.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-

DSCF4397.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-

DSCF4368.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-

DSCF4428.jpg by -Rob.J.Davis (chipbutty)-


Student for life
May 13, 2013
That is a beautiful set and PP. If I had to pick one, it would be #5. Great catch. #1 as well.

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