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Jan 19, 2015
The K-6 - An All Time Classic
"Incidentally, if you´ve never had the pleasure of flying a K-6 then beg, steal or borrow to make sure you do"(Nan Worrell in Sailplane & Gliding, October-November 2000)

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Love that you captured the pilot, so integral to the image. You can almost see him pulling out a pipe and enjoying the scenery :biggrin:.


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Aug 1, 2016
Bremen - Germany
The K-6
"...the glider proved popular with pilots and clubs thanks to its simple design, pleasant handling characteristics and sufficent performance for serious cross country flights. The basic design was refined into the most numerous variant, the Ka6-CR's. In 1963 Otto Schäuble and Karl Betzler flying two Ka6-CR's broke the world distance record flying from Stuttgart, Germany to Saint Nazare on the French Atlantic coast a total of 876km."(The Schleicher Ka6 Site)

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